First Nations Program delivered by WISE Ways to Work (WWtW)

Our WISE Ways to Work (WWtW) program has been adapted to assist First Nations People with a mental health issue build employment and related skills.

WISE Ways to Work prepares participants for the world of work or other community engagement by building skills to manage their health and wellbeing. By building these skills, we can support participants with achieving their employment or other vocational goals.

WWtW is delivered by an experienced team of Vocational Coaches with expertise in Occupational Therapy and First Nations People Vocational Support.

Our First Nations Program is for you

If you:

  • Identify as a First Nations Person
  • Identify as having a mental health issue
  • Have an employment, volunteering, study or other community engagement goal
  • The ability to attend each session whilst not being affected by alcohol or illicit drugs
  • The willingness to participate in a group setting and reflect on your experiences and actions

What does WWtW provide?

The WISE Way’s to Work First Nations program provides you with:

  • An eight-week health and wellbeing management program – Optimal Health Program (OHP)
  • An opportunity to engage in the program using methods of creative expression facilitated by a community artist
  • Information sessions with our guest speakers
  • Tours of local workplaces and training opportunities
  • Work shadowing opportunities with First Nations People run businesses and local employers
  • Celebrations to be held at significant stages of the project

WWtW will also work with businesses to provide culturally appropriate environments, and build the mental health literacy skills of all the partner employers engaged with the project.

Optimal Health Program (OHP)

The Optimal Health Program (OHP) is a holistic health management program designed to assist you with building awareness of and manager your mental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The program supports you to develop skills through reflection, discussion and the development of health plans.

This program is delivered in two hour sessions across eight weeks. The sessions include:

  • Session 1: What is Optimal Health?
  • Session 2: Strengths & vulnerabilities
  • Session 3: Stressors & Strategies
  • Session 4: Medication & the importance of monitoring health
  • Session 5: Collaborative partners & strategies
  • Session 6: Orientation & preparation
  • Session 7: Visioning & goal setting
  • Session 8: Revision & celebration

Contact us

For more information contact: Julio Estorninho First Nations Project Coordinator or by calling 0460 299 081.

Story behind the artwork

For the launch of our First Nations program, WISE Ways to Work (WWtW) commissioned local artist Gary Saunders to design the artwork for the program.

Read the story behind the artwork.

WISE Ways to Work's First Nation artwork


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