WISE Hire is a WISE Employment initiative to not only help disability service providers and disability support coordinators find level 1 support workers, but also provide job opportunities for those who have lived experience. Service providers are now able to access a range of certified and qualified support workers without the administration of employing a full-time resource.


Disability service providers

WISE Hire is your recruitment partner for hiring the right NDIS support level 1 disability support workers at the right time. Support level 1 support workers are certified to deliver support services like walking dogs, doing NDIS participants’ shopping, helping NDIS clients to attend a sports match, to assisting with daily hygiene routines and medical appointments.

The benefits of recruiting NDIS support workers via WISE Hire

  • Fill emergency shifts: Quickly connect and send job requests to a number of available support workers.
  • Simplify your NDIS claim: WISE Hire streamlines the NDIS claiming process by providing you with the correct information or managing the claims process directly with the plan manager/NDIS on your behalf.
  • Find local disability support workers: Search and connect with support workers who match specific NDIS participant needs. Search for support workers based on skills and experience.
  • Book ongoing jobs, flexibly: Create an ongoing relationship with your NDIS participants and a support workers with easy bookings for scheduled appointments.
  • Deliver more services for NDIS participants: Find support workers who can deliver a wider range of NDIS support services.

Register your interest as a service provider with WISE Hire, email the WISE Hire team for more information, or contact 1800 728 769.


Support workers

Flexible, easy-to-use WISE Hire connects support workers to a network of disability service providers looking to fill support level 1 vacancies for everything from walking dogs, doing the shopping, helping clients to attend a sports match or recreational activity, and cheering on their favourite team, to assisting with daily hygiene routines and medical appointments.

WISE Hire partners with reputable, established service providers, so support workers can be assured of personal security and reliability of work.

Why should you sign up to become a WISE Hire support worker?

  • Flexible working hours, only work when it suits you
  • Competitive hourly rate with fortnightly wage payments
  • Gain relevant work experience in line with your future career goals
  • Opportunity to Return To Work at your own time and hours
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Quick and painless registration process, with online training modules to complete at your own speed
  • Variety in your work – drive someone to their doctors appointment one day, attend a concert the next
  • The ability to work closely with people, and make a difference in their day-to-day lives

Register to become a WISE Hire support worker, email the WISE Hire team for more information, or contact 1800 728 769.



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