“After my experience with employing Andrew I’m keen to hire more people with disabilities and I’d encourage other employers to do the same. The experience has been so positive and there are hidden benefits. Andrew brings a bit of a shine to the place and an enthusiasm which is just infectious – he’s an absolute joy to have around.”

Greg Matusze | Employer | Owner of Busy Bee Cafe

“There are no limitations on who we employ, says Paul. “If a person with a mental illness wants to apply for a job, we certainly wouldn’t exclude them from working with us. If we get the right person and the right work fit, it’s not an issue for us – if they’re the best candidate for the role, they will certainly get the job.”

Paul Harding | Employer | Operations Manager at Hume Doors

“An accounts manager at my bank mentioned she needed an extra worker and I told her I would put WISE Employment onto them! Things are tough in small business, but I tell people: give them [people who have a disability] a go, let them have a go at doing some work experience. And, you know, it makes me feel good.”

Barry Blackwell | Employer | Owner of Spirit of Bonsai

“People with disabilities are people too and more than capable of doing what able-bodied people do. The staff members we’ve employed who have disabilities, we’ve worked with every single one of them to find their strengths and develop these. We guide them and steer them in the workplace, so they gain confidence in their role and see that they too are capable of working.”

Tony | Employer | MIMAS Foods

It’s amazing the difference you can make to someone’s life. It has a ripple effect. That’s what made me recruit the next one and the next one; it’s someone’s life changing. You don’t know someone’s journey: they could be depressed just because of the hardships they’ve experienced, but then if you change something in their life, like a job, that all changes – and for their families as well. I’m so glad I did that for someone. I think it’s something all employers should do: give someone a chance to turn their lives around.”

Belinda Wandabwa | Manager and Director of Nursing | Baptcare Karana Community

“We’re not your typical accountancy firm; we’re family focused and put people first. Cathy has really surprised me with her abilities and we’ll continue to help her build her skills and increase her hours when she’s ready. I’d hope others in the community would consider employing people with disabilities – sometimes you’ve just got to give back, and give someone an opportunity.”

Julie | Employer | Jac’s Accounting

"The initial hesitation for employers when it comes to hiring people with a disability is that it’ll become too much work. But when you see someone successfully integrate into the workforce, it makes it all worthwhile."

Tony | Employer | McDonald’s Port Lincoln


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