My disability is anxiety, bi-polar and depression, and working with WISE I overcome a little bit of it every day. Go and see WISE, they’ll get you up off the couch, they helped me find my career so I think if they can help me they can help anyone.”

Rebecca | Former job seeker

“Charlie’s given me a chance to live a normal life and go back to being a chef, whereas before I was in pain and miserable wondering when I’d be fit enough to return to work. Having an employer that’s behind me who is understanding and supportive means the world to me.”

Matthew | Former job seeker

“WISE Employment has done more for me than any other employment agency. With other job agencies, they call you once and you never hear from them again. With WISE Employment, they regularly keep in touch.”

Trevor | Former job seeker

“I want a profession. I want a qualification and a future. If it wasn’t for WISE, I’d be hiding in a room somewhere. Now I’m not wasting my time anymore, I’m existing and living. I feel confident. I am not the person I used to be.”

Corey | Former job seeker

“The WISE team treated me so well, they were like my brothers and sisters. I thought I couldn’t do the job, but WISE encouraged me and then when I started working, it changed my life. I got my confidence back and proved to myself I was capable of so much more.”

Mary | Former job seeker

“There are currently three people with a disability working in my department and I’m stoked to have them on my team. I would encourage other businesses to give everyone a chance. I’m confident that they’d be happy with the work delivered.”

John | Employer | Manningham City Council

“The support WISE Employment has provided from start to finish has been smooth and efficient. I’m very impressed with how WISE has serviced my business needs.”

Corey Mingari | Employer | Owner of McDonald’s North Hobart

“There’s a pool of talent out there and employers should broaden their horizons, because the people that come through WISE are loyal, positive in attitude, and make great employees.”

Nick | Employer | Owner at Bancroft’s Dry Cleaning

“It’s ironic that people who have the flu aren’t feared! More business owners should consider employing people who have a mental illness because, quite simply, they can do the job and do it exceptionally well.”

Karen | Employer | Owner Cataract on Paterson


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