“The help I received from WISE to secure this role has really changed my life. I now have the ability to live the life that I always wanted to and within an industry that excites me immensely. Gaining employment has meant that I can now live an independent life, which, for use of a better word, makes me feel normal.”

Steve | Former job seeker

“I’m so grateful for WISE Employment, I love this job and they helped me get it. They were always on my side when I wanted to give up. Most job agencies don’t help, you’re just another person to them, but WISE allowed me to see the good side of a job agency. For someone that was bullied at school and lacked confidence, I’m now feeling independent and excited for the future. This is more than a job, it’s my hobby. It gets me out of bed in the morning and gives me a sense of normality. It has changed my life.”

Eric | Former job seeker

When you have a job, you can handle your life, and you can help others. I am not that person to just lie down and take Centrelink – I like to pay tax because I live in this beautiful country and I take it as my responsibility to contribute to it.”

Zak | Former job seeker

“I’d lost respect for myself. It’s demoralising the way people look at you [when you’re homeless]. Now I’m back on track, I’ve got my life back. I feel independent. I’ve got a dollar in my pocket, most of the time! I’m being constructive and giving back.”

Michael | Former job seeker

“I found it hard to find a job due to mental health issues and single parenting. WISE understood my needs, they were supportive, and helped me get a job that I love. I’m now the Operations Manager for my employer.”

Cassie | Former job seeker

“I had an aneurysm that led to a serious stroke. WISE gave me a lot of care and attention that I couldn’t find anywhere else and helped me get a job in a call centre. I would recommend WISE to anyone.”

Tim | Former job seeker

“I found it really difficult to get a job because of my dyslexia. They organised a job plan for me. They got me into training and now I just adore working in aged care. I love my clients. Now I’m pursuing a career in nursing, that’s my real main goal.”

Vicki | Former job seeker

“I have poor hearing, short memory and I have lower back problems. WISE are there to help you find work and push you forward in life. They’ve helped me find more work and given me more hours. I just love to work. I love to do something with my life and make myself feel useful.”

Jayson | Former job seeker

My disability is anxiety, bi-polar and depression, and working with WISE I overcome a little bit of it every day. Go and see WISE, they’ll get you up off the couch, they helped me find my career so I think if they can help me they can help anyone.”

Rebecca | Former job seeker

“Charlie’s given me a chance to live a normal life and go back to being a chef, whereas before I was in pain and miserable wondering when I’d be fit enough to return to work. Having an employer that’s behind me who is understanding and supportive means the world to me.”

Matthew | Former job seeker


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