“We're in the game of helping people. We're all contributing to the health and wellbeing of people through finding ongoing sustainable employment. So for me, that's really rewarding.”

George | WISE Employment staff member

“WISE has always thrown different challenges my way, they still do and that’s what I love. When clients choose us, I feel thrilled and delighted and hope to share that same, beautiful sentiment to anyone that walks through our doors.”

Anita | WISE Employment staff member

“WISE has positively impacted the lives of over 100,000 people. Our goal is to impact over a million people. If you are purpose driven, join us to be part of our story.”

Matthew Lambelle | WISE Employment CEO

"I genuinely believe if you want to make a difference then this is the right industry to go into. It isn’t without its challenges, but the success stories outweigh the challenges.”

Souzan | WISE Employment staff member

“Anxiety and depression used to take control of me – I am now glad to say that I take control of it. I think my work has had a lot to do with that and for that I thank WISE for seeing the potential in me to grow in the company.”

Brigitte | WISE Employment staff member

“I think people forget that the word disability has the word ability in it. There’s a misconstrued perception that hiring someone who faces a challenge will cost you money and be difficult, but what it does is uplift your team and bring a new kind of energy to the workplace.”

Employer Emma | McDonalds Renmark

“We've been working with WISE Employment for the past three years and have found them to be professional and refreshingly honest. They work very hard in getting the right people for the right position and no request is too hard. Thank goodness they are not the type of recruitment agency that forwards you just anybody regardless of the position. They really listen. Not only did we end up with great staff, but we were also pleasantly surprised to receive Government financial support. We have been so impressed with the service from WISE, we have recommended them to our own business associates. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business requiring staff.”

Employer Elizabeth | Cash Advantage

“There are a lot of misconceptions around disability, such as people won’t be able to do the job properly or they’ll struggle with instructions, but what’s important is that you look at the individual’s motivators and what they can bring to the role. Be patient as it will help them to grow with the company and will create a foundation of loyalty."

Employer Sophie | Brasserie Bread

“Disability is a very broad term, so there are a lot of misconceptions around hiring people with disabilities. What I’ve found is that people just want to work and are very driven in the right role, making for very reliable employees.”

Employer Andrew | H Hardware


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