Thomas, who lives with autism, has learned the science of success with The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Thomas, who lives with autism, has learned the science of success with The Department of Industry, Innovation and ScienceFor an ambitious Thomas, there’s no better feeling than ‘suiting up’ in his lab coat for a productive day at work.

Thomas works at the National Measurement Institute in Victoria, as a participant in a pilot program at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS). Through the Autism Talent Engagement Program, with support from DXC Technology, his Business Development Analyst role has given Thomas the self-assurance of knowing he can succeed in a workplace environment.

Despite Thomas having two qualifications under his belt and a passion for the field of science, the process of finding work was at times daunting, so he’s delighted to have found a role that he loves and that he says has truly bolstered his confidence.

Thomas came across GradWISE via the Swinburne University AccessAbility Career Hub – Hawthorn campus. Thomas was introduced to two great GradWISE consultants but it was Program Manager, Chardee McEwan, who introduced him to the DXC Dandelion program and helped put together his application for this program.

The DXC Dandelion Program saw Thomas use a program called ‘Choregraphe’ for pre-assessment which compromised of learning how to program the behaviour of small robots.

From here, with Thomas went on to do a three-week paid assessment at NAB DXC, testing his work capabilities and ability to manage workloads using the same program. From teaching robots how to do yoga, dance to music and even speak, Thomas’s only regret from the assessment was that he wasn’t able to master teaching the robot how to do the ‘Hokey Pokey’, saying that unfortunately “the robot could not put its right leg in without falling over!”

GradWISE then helped Thomas find The Australian Network on Disability (AND), where he participated in the PACE mentoring program which saw him paired up with an employee at ANZ whose role was working with mobile application development. It was here that Thomas learned key skills in becoming workforce ready in his chosen field via the support of GradWISE.

GradWISE created the connection to help Thomas find his role at DIIS, and he couldn’t be happier with the support he received from GradWISE Program Manager, Chardee McEwan and head of GradWISE, Edward Osano.

Thomas’ current role sees him putting his qualifications in Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media (Graphic Design) and a Bachelor of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to good use. Amongst the many things he loves about his job, Thomas says that putting on his lab coat and knowing that he’s “doing something in the name of science” is a really satisfying part of his work.

“GradWISE were extremely helpful in optimising my resume, as well as helping me find jobs that suited my interests. They’ve also helped me make sure I had everything I needed for my new job, including work clothes and a backpack” said Thomas.

Thomas has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at DIIS, and the feeling that there is “always something to do”, and his managers have admired his contribution to the department.

“Thomas has a great can-do attitude and attention to detail” said Dr Saman Buddhadasa – Officer in Charge at the National Measurement Institute, DIIS. “It’s been great to see the pride that he takes in his work, and how ambitious he is.”

“The department is committed to providing meaningful work opportunities and supporting people to success in the workplace, and by working with WISE we hope to continue to create a supportive, inclusive and diverse workplace where our employees feel comfortable and fulfilled.”

Thomas is happy he’s made the leap into his first full time role, and looks forward to more time spent in the lab with his DIIS colleagues.

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