Thanks to WISE Employment, sisters Irmy and Nola ‘Cellarbrate’ their newfound independence

Thanks to WISE Employment, sisters Irmy and Nola ‘Cellarbrate’ their newfound independenceIrmy and Nola are friendly, outgoing, and vibrant, and together they couldn’t be happier in their new roles at Cellarbrations bottle shop in Rye, Victoria. The sisters, who have an Indigenous background, initially struggled to find work due to a lack of experience. However, after connecting with WISE Employment Rosebud’s jobactive program and Candidate Officer Allison, they were able to secure roles they enjoy.

“We connected with Allison instantly, it’s like we’re good friends! She understands our cultural background and worked with us to find something we’d both enjoy. She helped me with my resume and got me out into the workforce. Within about two weeks, I had a job!” said Irmy.

Irmy and Nola are responsible for opening and closing the store, ensuring it is clean and well presented, offloading stock and working at point of sale, and greeting customers.

“I love my job! I get to meet the locals and talk to people – it’s my favourite thing to do! You hear so many stories from so many different people. It’s just great!” explains Irmy. She is extremely grateful to WISE Employment, Allison, and (Manager) Henry. Irmy explained that having a job means she has financial stability, security and independence. She is now going out for meals, spending quality time with her children and has a great group of friends. “WISE Employment has done a lot for me and my family. You have no idea how much my life has changed since getting this job.”

Nola explains that she feels a part of a community at the store. “Everybody knows me and I have a good team. After being unemployed Thanks to WISE Employment, sisters Irmy and Nola ‘Cellarbrate’ their newfound independencefor a very long time, finding a job that suits me means I have stability in my life now. It helps me pay the mortgage and it’s only five minutes away from home. It’s really nice to work with my sister; we can swap shifts if one of us is sick.” Since finding a job, Nola feels more motivated and even though she is busier now, her son often walks to the shop to meet her for lunch. Finding employment has had a very positive impact on her life and she feels more confident now that she is able to support her family.

Nola and Irmy’s Manager at Cellarbrations, Henry, explained that they are some of his best workers and he can rely on them 100% to run the shop when he isn’t around. “The regulars enjoy coming into the store because they know Nola and Irmy; I have never been so happy with any employees before; they run the shop for me and I have no worries,” Henry said.


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