Steve is kicking employment goals with AFL Victoria

The perfect career for Steve

Steve has always been a sports lover, so the sports industry was an obvious choice when he wanted to gain employment.

Having cerebral palsy, Steve initially sought the help of another employment agency, but had no luck securing work. After this setback, Steve reached out to WISE Employment for help.

“I was meeting with WISE once a week when the interview with AFL Victoria came up. I was so excited, as I love football, plus the position sounded perfect.”

Steve was successful in landing a role as Disability Programs Administrator. His role involves working with the Robert Rose Foundation (VWFL) and the Victorian Football Integration Development Association Football League (FIDA), a league which exists to provide opportunities for Victorians with an intellectual disability to compete in Australian Rules Football.

“Regina from WISE was great and so supportive. I told her that I love sport and that it was the industry I wanted to work in. She really listened and focused on finding the right position for me.”

– Steve


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The right job can change your life

“I absolutely love my job at AFL Victoria. The team I work with is amazing and it’s great to be part of such a diverse group of people,” said Steve.

AFL Victoria Disability Programs Manager and Steve’s manager, Scott, describes Steve as a knowledgeable and experienced member of the team.

Steve said that his role at AFL Victoria has been life changing. “The help I received from WISE to secure this role has really changed my life. I now have the ability to live the life that I always wanted to, within an industry that excites me immensely. Gaining employment has meant that I can now live an independent life, which, for use of a better word, makes me feel normal.”

Video: Steve, who has cerebral palsy, is kicking employment goals with AFL Victoria

“Steve provides great insights from past experience, as he plays a lot of sport and has previously worked within the sector. This makes his input invaluable in the development of new initiatives and the growth of our current programs.”

– Corey, AFL Victoria Disability Programs Manager


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