Sky’s the limit as Marc returns to work after three years’ unemployment

Sky’s the limit as Marc returns to work after three years’ unemployment

After three years of being unemployed, Marc reached out to WISE Employment Marrickville.

Marc, who lives with a disability and mental health issues, said that being out of work for a long period of time had impacted his self-confidence and he was beginning to feel like gaining employment was an impossible task.

“By the time I contacted WISE I had completely lost faith and didn’t think I’d be able to get a job, but that all changed when I walked into the WISE office; they were amazing in every way!

“From beginning to end, my time with WISE was a fantastic experience. They not only helped me to get prepared for the workforce again, but also helped to rebuild my self-confidence,” Marc said.

Marc worked with WISE to refresh his resume and interviewing skills, and before long he had secured a position with Brasserie Bread.

Now that Marc is back at work, his life has changed for the better, “I love everything about my role! It was a big adjustment at first because I’d previously owned my own café, so I hadn’t worked for someone in over 10 years, but now that I’ve settled in it’s absolutely amazing.”

Sophie, Human Resources Manager for Brasserie Bread, described Marc as an absolute delight and said that his confidence was growing every day.

“We love having Marc on the team. We were very impressed by his resume and his eagerness to work, so we thought he’d be a great fit. He’s gone above and exceeded all our expectations!” 

Sophie went on to encourage other employers to be open to the possibility of hiring someone with a disability. 

“There are a lot of misconceptions around disability, such as people won’t be able to do the job properly or they’ll struggle with instructions, but what’s important is that you look at the individual’s motivators and what they can bring to the role. Be patient as it will help them to grow with the company and will create a foundation of loyalty, which certainly shows with Marc,” she said.

Marc continues to grow in his role and is planning for the future, including a trip to South America.

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