Samer has landed his dream job through internship program

With the help of WISE Employment Penrith, Samer was able to develop the specialised skills required to work in civil construction, a dream role he never thought possible. Samer, who had very limited work experience, has secured a role with Friend Civil and couldn’t be happier.

The Government’s PaTH Internship program (prepare, trial, hire), run by WISE Employment, is a flexible approach to youth employment, where employers are encouraged to host internship placements and see if the person is a good fit for their business. With Samer struggling to secure a role that truly interested him, he thought this would be a good next step.

Samer explained that after resigning from McDonalds, he wanted to get another job that excited him.

“I wanted to get a new job but I didn’t have the right skills. At first, I wanted to join the Defence Force Reserve, but I didn’t pass.”

Following this experience, Samer joined the PaTH program and was later introduced to Leanne, Work for the Dole Activity Consultant who also manages the program. Leanne, was able to guide Samer, offer advice and help him reach his goals.

“Samer was very motivated, which made my job easy! I knew there was a position available at Friend Civil, and after speaking with Samer and his Candidate Officer, Rebecca, I thought it would be the perfect fit – and it was!”

Samer noted that the position required a valid driver’s licence, which he didn’t have. However, he didn’t let this stop him. Samer, being more motivated than ever, booked himself in for his provisional licence and passed! Samer proved himself after just two days, and was offered a full-time role at Friend Civil.

Samer has loved working at Friend Civil and has built a strong relationship with the team. His Construction Manager has been very impressed with Samer’s work and looks forward to working with Samer in the future.

The team at WISE Employment continue to check in with Samer and offer him support. Samer is now more confident, happy and independent. He is looking forward to seeing what the future might bring.


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