Rainbow WISE program sees Lilith thrive in the tech industry

Lil is smiling at the camera For the unemployed, securing long term work can come with many complexities. And those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community can sometimes be faced with additional challenges.

WISE Employment’s Rainbow WISE program is specifically designed for the LGBTQIA+ community, promoting awareness and understanding in the employment space, as well as fostering an inclusive community and identifying employers who pride themselves on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

While workplace culture and hiring processes have evolved significantly in recent years, finding the right support network to assist with preparing for employment can often be challenging. The support of like-minded individuals can help job seekers find comfort in the level of understanding that traditional job hiring agencies may not have.

Witnessing the barriers placed on those of the trans community, 36-year-old Sydney-based Lilith joined the Rainbow WISE program at the end of 2020, and was soon offered a highly sought after role as a Unity Programmer at Google in 2021. As part of her role as Unity Programmer, Lilith translates design ideas, concepts, and requirements into functional and engaging games.

Describing herself as ‘creative’ and ‘thoughtful’, Lilith is infatuated with trying to understand the way things work, and using that understanding to invent new stories and new worlds, especially ones that represent people like herself who are often considered outside of the norm.

“After hearing about the new WISE program providing specialised help for queer people, and since I’ve only been out as trans for a few years, I thought they’d be a much more supportive environment than other job search agencies,” said Lilith.

When joining the Rainbow WISE program, Lilith was partnered with Diversity Employment Consultant Izzy.

“I’m extremely passionate about the Rainbow WISE program. It’s a catered service for the LGBTQIA+ community, run by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I myself know how impactful it is to work with someone who has a deep understanding of the intricate and specific layers of issues when searching for employment, particularly for those who identify as trans,” said Izzy.

In addition to assisting Lilith with her successful application for Google, Izzy’s support expanded outside of employment, offering help with her personal life too.

“Izzy offered support by booking appointments with Pure Insights, who helped me organise paperwork and appointments with mental and physical health professionals. This helped me to investigate issues that have been affecting me for years and to take steps towards achieving diagnoses,” said Lilith.

Having held previous employment in a broad range of game and application development roles, Lilith is thriving since landing her position at Google.

“I love the opportunity to work on creative projects, and to be challenged to explore the possibilities of new technologies for improving people’s lives. I am also very grateful that my unique perspective as a queer, neurodivergent individual is valued and sought out so we can remain aware of and cater to a diverse range of users,” said Lilith.

Izzy explains that Lilith needed little to no assistance in pulling her resume together, rather fostering a support system that could help her to achieve her goals. A highly qualified individual, Lilith’s motivation for finding employment was based less on career ambition, but to help others.

“Since beginning this role, I’ve been able to pay off several years of credit card debt, purchase an electric wheelchair for my chronically ill partner, and start saving towards very costly transition procedures.”

“Having a job means I’m able to provide for myself and my partner and improve both our qualities of life, which is financially demanding given both our disabilities and my medical transition. To have a position that’s well-paying means I’m also able to share that wealth with others, supporting friends who are independent artists or creators,” adds Lilith.

Izzy’s assistance in finding Lilith employment was built on encouragement, understanding and willingness to always listen with an open mind, knowing that patience and support is of high priority to all who feel defeated by the job application process.

“The job market can be brutal, and it’s important to seek and accept help and support when you need it. Having someone who’s always in your corner, who can both listen non-judgmentally and help to keep you accountable, can make the search a lot easier,” said Lilith.

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