OzSales Helps Mothers Re-enter the Workforce with Flexible Hours

It’s not always easy to re-enter the workforce after taking time to care for your family. Sadly, mothers can often be dismissed for roles on the grounds that they may be unreliable or that their quality of work may not be up to standard.

In fact, without the right support, re-entering the work force for mothers can seem impossible.

These misconceptions have been proven wrong by two working mums, Phuc and Thi, who with the help of WISE Employment, are now both valued employees at OzSale’s warehouse.

Both women came to WISE eager to start work again but in need of the right support to find a position that would accommodate their schedules as mothers.

Thi admits that it was a struggle to find a job that could accommodate her availability but with help from WISE she has found the perfect role.

“As a mum of young children, it was difficult to find an employer where I could work from 10am – 2pm,” she said.

“WISE Employment did everything for me – they updated my resume, researched the right job that I could perform, took me to the interview and negotiated the hours for me to work.”

Thi’s manager at OzSale, Lucky, says that Thi is a valued employee.

“Thi is very hard working and reliable – if she’s rostered for her shift, she is always there on time, understands the KPIs and gets things done on schedule,” he said.

Phuc, who was in a similar position to Thi, was looking to return to the work force and thanks to WISE was also able to secure employment at OzSale.

“The job at OzSale helps me financially, gives me confidence and builds a better future for myself and my family,” she said.

“My quality of life has really improved and I have recently been able to move my children to a better residential accommodation, we are so happy”.

When discussing employers’ hesitancy to hire return-to-work mothers, Lucky’s advice was to not disregard them.

“Although mothers may have been out of the workforce for a period of time, they’re dying to get back to work and are incredibly eager!” he said.

Lucky explains that both Phuc and Thi have been excellent additions to the OzSale team, and that having internal backing ensured the team could be flexible with their working arrangements.

“We’re extremely happy with Phuc and Thi’s performance to date, they always do their best, and are extremely reliable,” he said.

“It’s been great to have the incredible support internally from Carl Jackson, CEO of Mysale, in hiring employees like Phu and Thi and giving them the chance to return to the work force in a way that works for them.”

Lucky advises other employers who may be considering it, to work with WISE when seeking their next employee!

“Working with WISE was a fantastic experience. We worked closely with WISE Account Manager, Hai who introduced us to Phuc and Thi, he was present during the interview process and gave both of them the full run-down on the role,” he said.

“Initially there were some communication issues, however Hai was there throughout the trial process and was able to highlight the positive attributes and work through these communication barriers. Hai also ensured that all of the paperwork was done, all I had to do was read and get it signed!”

Hiring mothers not only allows people like Phuc and Thi to help improve their family’s livelihoods, it also has a great positive impact on the community as a whole.


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