Olivia, who has anxiety and dyspraxia, finds work in hospitality with support from WISE Maroochydore

Olivia has anxiety and dyspraxia, a disorder of movement and coordination, which at times has impacted her ability to sustain ongoing employment. Olivia has been searching for sustainable employment for several years, and has dreamed of gaining a permanent role in the hospitality sector.

Once connecting with the team at WISE Employment Maroochydore and in particular with Employment Consultant Suvena, Olivia began to gradually believe in herself. They worked together to write a professional resume, prepare Olivia for interviews, ensuring she had interview attire and her qualifications were up to date. Several interviews were arranged before Olivia successfully gained a permanent part-time position with Regis Aged Care.

“WISE has helped me with my self-confidence, to not lose hope and to keep going until I found a job that is right for me and that I can do to the best of my ability. Suvena would drive me to most of interviews, she’s always been supportive,” explained Olivia.

Olivia is employed as a Food Service Assistant at Regis Aged Care, although, like many jobs today, it wasn’t the easiest to secure.

“It took me three goes to get the interview. I applied for a couple of roles at Regis. Maybe they saw that I was persistent! I’m glad I am there now. I’ve been at Regis for three months. It’s a really nice environment, staff are really helpful and happy to answer questions for the new people. We all work well as a team,” said Olivia.

The team at WISE Maroochydore are thrilled with Olivia’s progress. Suvena maintains regular contact with Olivia and is always available for a cuppa and chat to support Olivia through her employment journey.

As part of her role at Regis Aged Care, Olivia plates up the meals and sometimes supports with cleaning. Her roster varies week-on-week, where she takes on 2-5 shifts; irrespective of her hours, each shift lifts her spirits. Olivia has equally grown fond of those that are cared for.

“Working every week has really built my confidence. It’s helped with my anxiety in that I have to be somewhere at a certain time, and I look forward to that part of my day where I am working with people and helping people.

I also love a couple that live there. It’s really nice because every night before he and his wife go to bed, they come past and say thanks ‘you’re doing a great job’,” explained Olivia.

Olivia is excited for what her future holds and hopes to continue to progress personally and professionally. Work has given her a real purpose as she believes you feel valued in society because you have a job that helps serve other people.

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