Nick, who lives with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Axonal Neuropathy, lands his first job at Big W

Nick, who lives with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Axonal Neuropathy, lands his first job with help from WISE Employment

Nick lives with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Axonal Neuropathy, which has resulted in severe mobility issues and the use of a wheelchair. He refuses to let his illness dictate his life, waking up every day with a positive attitude and with a smile from ear to ear, Nick has secured his first job at Big W!

Nick was diagnosed at a very young age. His parents decided to relocate to Brisbane from Melbourne for medical reasons. Nick was living there for 25 years before his family decided to move back to Melbourne last year. Being a new and unfamiliar city, Nick felt a little lost and alone.

With the encouragement of his parents, Nick reached out to WISE Employment Broadmeadows, “I wanted to find some independence and I heard that WISE Employment helped people find jobs. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I did want to find a job – and I did!”

Nick was connected with his Employment Consultant, Anthony, and WISE Employer Liaison Officer, Tamara, and explained that the team supported him every step of the way, from the interview process to frequent check-ins regarding his health. With the support of WISE, Nick was able to secure a job at Big W where he works at the front of the store and acts a greeter, security guard and directory – the trifecta!

Nick describes himself as a caring and funny character who won’t let anything get in his way, so it comes as no surprise that he impressed Big W’s Craigieburn Store Manager, Adrian.

“We love having Nick on the Big W team! When I first met him, he was determined, friendly and extremely well-presented! I thought to myself, ‘what better position than front of house?’ Nick has been working at the entrance of the store ever since,” said Adrian.

Adrian went on to highlight that there is common misconception that people with a disability can’t perform tasks as quickly or as well as someone without a disability. He explained that hiring Nick was a chance to prove this misconception wrong.

“It’s an opportunity to give people a chance and create a super-efficient workforce at the same time. It’s about finding the right role for someone, what are their strengths and how can we play to these? Nick was a happy person, so I knew he’d be good at the entrance greeting our customers. He’s extremely loyal, punctual and enthusiastic, qualities that are hard to find!’ said Adrian.

Nick explains that having a job means he feels more independent, “everyone will say the obvious, having a job means money coming in, and you can’t live without money! But for me, it also means getting out of the house. I’m meeting new people and I have a sense of responsibility.”

The team at WISE Employment have received countless positive feedback around Nick’s performance. Adrian and the WISE team hope that other businesses can take a chance on someone like Nick.


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