Lui finds a job in security after being unemployed for over a year

After being out of work for over a year due to ongoing health issues, Lui reached out to WISE Parramatta for support.

“I didn’t like being out of work and it was frustrating that I couldn’t reach my full potential due to my health, so as soon as I was able to, I wanted to get back out there,” he said.

“WISE were really helpful during the whole process. They helped me to apply for lots of jobs and to prepare for interviews.”

John, Lui’s case manager at WISE, said that even though he was still experiencing health issues, Lui was always enthusiastic to find work.

“Since coming back from his medical suspension Lui has been a fantastic client!

“He does have several health barriers, but that has never stopped him from looking for work. As of this week, Lui has been working in his new role for 15 weeks,” said John.

Lui worked closely with WISE to secure a role with Infinity, a security services provider, and says he couldn’t be happier in his new position.

“I love coming to work. I get to meet and chat to so many new people on the door. The people I work with are great too, they’re very kind to me,” he said.

Whilst Lui is still working through his health barriers, he doesn’t let that hold him back in his role. Lui has been described by his employer as a great worker and an asset to the company.

Lui said that since being back in the workforce a lot has changed for him.

“The world doesn’t stop working when you do, there’s still bills to pay, so being back at work has given me a lot more security. Life has definitely changed for the better.”

Lui’s confidence has grown dramatically since getting back into the workforce and he continues to shine in his role.

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