Lovitt’s and WISE work together for the love of people and pets

They say you can tell a lot about an organisation by the company it keeps. This is the case when looking at the long-standing relationship between WISE Employment and small business manufacturer, Lovitt’s Group.

Lovitt’s develop and supply premium pet food products to keep pets healthy and happy, everything from birds and dogs to rabbits and guinea pigs. Having worked with WISE for over five years, they have employed 12 WISE job seekers in that time and never looked back.

Amanda, Group Administration Manager for Lovitt’s supports their HR strategy and has enjoyed partnering with WISE in Dandenong; in particular Diane, Account Manager for jobactive & Indigenous Employment.

“Diane has played a huge part in supporting our growth. From the outset she wanted to understand our business model, our recruitment needs and what type of candidates we required. She’s easy to work with, turns things around quickly and during the integration period has been there for the employees to settle in with ease,” said Amanda.

As a factory warehouse, the types of roles that Lovitt’s has filled through WISE are varied including a factory hand, extruder operator and batching operator. Others include handmaking or packing bird or dog treats. More recently Lovitt’s promoted a factory hand who has been working with the company since 2012 to a production coordinator. This client now looks after the production teams, schedules rosters and checks all the inward goods.

With WISE’s services being government funded, WISE helps employers access additional financial support including wage subsidies, training and equipment. Amanda explains for Lovitt’s, this isn’t what drives their mission to growing a diverse and inclusive work culture.

“The wage subsidies have been made available to select employees based on their circumstance, however this isn’t our main focus. Where subsidies have been received, we put those funds back into supporting the job seekers hired through WISE such as investing in their training and professional development.

The feedback I have received from each of the candidates we have employed through WISE is that they are glad to be part of the Lovitt’s team. It’s great to have diversity and a wide range of experience within the team. Sometimes candidates just need to be given the opportunity to shine. At Lovitt’s if you have the ambition and want to try new things or progress in other areas there is scope to do just that. I think the candidates recruited through WISE understand that,” said Amanda.

The relationship between Lovitt’s and Diane at WISE continues to flourish with mixed ages and backgrounds becoming part of the Lovitt’s team including a 60-year-old, parents coming back into the workforce and some never having worked in Australia before.

“I love having a great rapport with employers and over the years it’s been great to see Lovitt’s trust my judgement, to the point where in some instances a resume isn’t required. That trust goes a long way, as it’s hard to judge a person on paper particularly when candidates have been homeless or never worked in Australia.

Lovitt’s have given WISE Employment candidates a go and it’s great to see when I visit that all candidates support each other, giving me a hug when I see them!  It really is a testament to Lovitt’s and the inclusive workplace culture they have created,” said Diane. 

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