Lincoln Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Empirics

[Photo description: Lincoln is standing next to the CEO of Empirics. Both men are wearing Saint Kilda Footy Club hats, scarfs and shirts.]When Lincoln, who lives with Down syndrome, graduated high school seven years ago, he told his mum, Janice, that he wanted to work just like everyone else in his family – which is exactly what he did!

Straight out of school, Lincoln began working at a food store in Chadstone, in a role which he still enjoys today. Over a year ago, Lincoln contacted WISE to assist him in finding secondary employment, to fill his week even further.

With the help of WISE Employment Consultant Patricia, Lincoln was able to secure a role as an Office Administrator at Empirics, a data company based in Melbourne.

Working closely with the team at Empirics, Lincoln says Patricia played a vital role in transitioning him into his new role. “Trish helped me learn how to take the train and do all of my new jobs. She also showed me where everything was, and where to get my lunch” explained Lincoln.

“Now I take the train and can do all of the jobs by myself.”

Extremely proud of the work he has done to date, Lincoln says that Empirics team have been very welcoming and the role is keeping him busy. “The Empirics team are all very friendly, I have my own desk and special pass to get into the office,” he said.

“I look after three kitchens and lots of meeting rooms to make sure they are tidy and ready for people to use. I also pick up mail from the mailroom, and do the shopping for the snack cupboard.”

Lucy Clark, Business Manager at Empirics, says that Lincoln has been a great addition to the workplace. “The whole team benefits from the joy that Lincoln brings to his role and the office,” she said.

“He has connected with our staff in a genuine way, providing friendship, support and the ability to step outside their comfort zones. He is inspirational and we are a happier, more rounded organisation.”

Lucy, and the Empirics team, have also been thrilled with the ongoing support that WISE have offered throughout the process.

“WISE have offered resources and training to the whole office, provided advice and strategies for helping us support Lincoln, and have helped him with on-the-job support. This has been key for us, as our busy office environment hasn’t always been able to give Lincoln the face-to-face support that he needs”.

“WISE have empowered us to transition Lincoln into the team as best we can, and filled in any gaps we have” she said.

One year on, Lincoln is still working with both employers, and believes his life is truly better because of his work at Empirics. “I like the people, I like dressing up to work in an office, I like taking the train by myself. I am very proud of work I do,” he said.

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