Kyle is in pursuit of his dream to become a personal trainer thanks to WISE Employment

Kyle is in pursuit of his dream to become a personal trainer thanks to WISE EmploymentKyle has a clear idea of what profession he would like to pursue, with a strong passion for fitness and a goal to one day become a personal trainer.

In early 2017, after completing year 12, Kyle engaged WISE Employment through his School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) funding as part of his NDIS Plan.  The SLES Program helps people with a disability to transition from school to employment.

The purpose of the program is to help people like Kyle prepare for work life through skill building and education. Chris, who is Kyle’s Support Worker at WISE took the time to get to know Kyle and  find roles that would align with his interests. Very early on, Kyle identified that it was his dream was to find a job in the fitness industry.

Describing himself as friendly, reliable and easy going, Kyle hasn’t let his intellectual disability stop him from chasing his passion and with the help of Chris and WISE, he has just completed a 13-week voluntary placement program at YMCA.

During his time at YMCA, Kyle was able to learn about the fundamentals of work life and build his skills in his area of passion, by helping the team with the cleaning of equipment and facilitating classes held.

“I really enjoyed my time at YMCA, I’ve always wanted to get into fitness,” Kyle said.

“I started to get into fitness when I began my weight loss journey and working has made me feel happier.”

Throughout his journey with WISE, Kyle has managed to excel in his studies and has completed a Certificate III in Personal Training.

With a move soon approaching to another area in Tasmania, where there are limited job opportunities in fitness, Kyle’s Support Worker, Chris identified that it would be necessary for Kyle to also gain experience in an industry where there are job opportunities available, regardless of location.

As a result, Kyle gained a work experience placement at a local café, Basket & Green and has been a great addition to the team. Through this placement, Kyle has been able to build his stamina and endurance for work in hospitality, enabling him to broaden his work skills in an alternative field.

Both Chris and Kyle’s mother have noticed the impressive transformation Kyle has experienced throughout his journey, as he constantly kicks personal goals and maintains drive towards gaining employment in an area that is meaningful to him.

The next step for Kyle is to transition to the Disability Employment Service at WISE, with the aim to gain paid employment. At the beginning of next year, Kyle will start a Certificate IV in Personal Training and yet again achieve more personal goals.


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