Job modified for carpal tunnel syndrome makes all the difference to Mary

Job modified for carpal tunnel syndrome makes all the difference to MaryMary has carpal tunnel syndrome and first came to WISE Employment Broadmeadows after a period of unemployment resulting from her disability. Now, just a few months later, she is thriving at MIMAS Foods where she is responsible for packing and labelling products.

‘I had been looking for work, but it was hard for me to find a job that would suit my body. My confidence was so low; I kept thinking who’s going to hire me?’ says Mary. ‘Then when I met the WISE team, they pushed me and supported me because they knew I had potential.’

The team at WISE Broadmeadows helped Mary secure work by providing assistance with her resume and interview skills, ensuring she was comfortable and confident when meeting future employer Andrew.

‘The WISE team treated me so well, they were like my brothers and sisters,’ says Mary. ‘I thought I couldn’t do the job, but WISE encouraged me and then when I started working, it changed my life. I got my confidence back and proved to myself I was capable of so much more’.

Andrew is equally as impressed with Mary and regards her as a valuable team member. ‘Mary is a very happy person,’ says Andrew. ‘She’s a very bubbly individual, who is always smiling and brings a positive feel to the workplace.’

MIMAS Foods pride themselves on being an Equal Opportunity Employer and believe in community values and a community where everyone, despite their situation, is treated equally.

‘People with disabilities are people too and more than capable of doing what able-bodied people do,’ says Andrew. ‘The staff members we’ve employed who have disabilities, we’ve worked with every single one of them to find their strengths and develop these. We guide them and steer them in the workplace, so they gain confidence in their role and see that they too are capable of working.’


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