Work Assist program helps Ben keep his job of 14 years

Work Assist program helps Ben, who has an intellectual disability, keep his job of 14 years

Ben has been working as a loyal employee for the Manningham City Council for over 14 years. He is 33 years old and lives with an intellectual disability, has held a number of different positions within the company; currently working as a General Maintenance Worker in the Depot.

His current role was created in 2014 following the news that his position at the time was deemed a job in jeopardy. Work Assist (previously called Job in Jeopardy) is a free service to help you stay in work if you risk losing your job through illness, injury or disability. Seeking support with the transition between roles, Ben and his employer, John, connected with WISE Employment Preston.

WISE Employment assisted Ben in establishing a stable and reliable support network. WISE catches up with Ben weekly, not only supporting him with work, but also financially and emotionally.

“WISE has really helped me. I see them every Wednesday and it’s nice to talk to them,” said Ben.

Ben’s determination and positive attitude, combined with the support he receives from co-workers and the team at WISE, have contributed to his success within the company.

Ben describes himself as hardworking, funny and chatty, so it’s no surprise that he is popular amongst his colleagues. And it’s evident his determination and positive attitude have all contributed to Ben establishing himself as a valuable team member.

“Ben is extremely diligent, particular and hardworking,” said his employer, John. “He’ll always tell me if something is in the wrong place or a job hasn’t been done correctly.”

Ben has come a long way over the 14 years; over time he’s gained the confidence and skills required for the job and increased his work hours from one day a week to fulltime.

John has been very impressed with Ben’s work and encourages other employers to give people in a similar position a chance.

“There are currently three people with a disability working in my department and I’m stoked to have them on my team. I would encourage other businesses to give everyone a chance. I’m confident that they’d be happy with the work delivered.”


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