Hume Doors supports people with mental illness

Seeing beyond mental illness stigma

Over the last seven years, one of WISE Employment’s most loyal employers, Australian manufacturer, Hume Doors & Timber, has employed over 500 job seekers through WISE Dandenong. Through the years, WISE has built a strong professional relationship with the employer, based on the ability to understand the employer’s business needs and helping them find the right staff.

The relationship between WISE and Hume Doors is so strong that the company now hires about 80-90% of its staff through WISE. This year alone, WISE Employment has helped Hume Doors find 32 staff members.

Hume Doors Operations Manager, Paul, is a supportive employer when it comes to providing ongoing jobs for people who have a mental illness. As a result, the company has hired many job seekers and staff who have a mental illness.

In the past, Hume Doors and Timber, wouldn’t have considered employing people with mental illness. But taking a “chance on two blokes” put forward by WISE Employment about nine years ago changed their thinking and the way they approach their recruitment and selection for their Dandenong operations.

“At the time, like many employers, I probably just assumed people with mental illness weren’t suitable for our type of work,” recalls Paul.

“WISE Employment Dandenong had visited us at the time and encouraged us to hire two job seekers with mental illness.

We took what we thought was a punt on these two blokes and they were both really successful in their roles. They turned out to be really great assets for our organisation.”

– Paul, Operations Manager at Hume Doors & Timber



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It's about having the right attitude

“There are no limitations on who we employ, says Paul. “If a person with a mental illness wants to apply for a job, we certainly wouldn’t exclude them from working with us. If we get the right person and the right work fit, it’s not an issue for us – if they’re the best candidate for the role, they will certainly get the job.”

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