Hindmarsh café tells Matthew he’ll always have a job to come back to

Hindmarsh café tells Matthew he’ll always have a job to come back toCafe and snack bar Nice ‘N’ Tasty has over 25 years of history in the Hindmarsh community, and when Charlie Siciliano took over the business three years ago he couldn’t help but notice the WISE Employment office across the road.

‘The WISE Employment Hindmarsh staff were always coming in for coffee and we started talking. They came up with some great ideas and referred a few job seekers to us who they thought would be a good fit,’ says Charlie.

Since owning Nice ‘N’ Tasty, Charlie has hired eight staff through WISE in what is now a three-year long relationship.

‘One of the discussions we take on board with WISE is ‘is that person suited to the job?’’, says Charlie. ‘Their attitude is really important, more so than their skill level. Most skills in the hospitality industry can be taught, but if you don’t have the right attitude you’re not well suited, regardless of whether you have a disability or not.’

Through WISE, Charlie has filled positions for both the kitchen and front of house, one of which is Head Chef Matthew Marroncelli.

Matthew is a qualified chef by trade but his career was sent off course several years ago when he was diagnosed with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) and being in-and-out of hospital meant he struggled to maintain a steady job.

‘My biggest problem was the fact that at many of my previous jobs, the employers were after someone more reliable,’ says Matthew. ‘Charlie on the other hand was considerate and caring. He knew I was doing everything possible to overcome my health issues. It’s not very often you get an employer that has that much heart to help someone out.’

Before coming to WISE, Matthew had been told it’d be virtually impossible for him to find an employer who would understand his condition. The team at WISE Hindmarsh were quick to disprove this and Matthew is now entering into his seventh month at the café. Matthew’s even been told by Charlie, that despite how unwell he gets, he’ll always have a job to come back to.

‘Charlie’s given me a chance to live a normal life and go back to being a chef, whereas before I was in pain and miserable wondering when I’d be fit enough to return to work,’ says Matthew. ‘Having an employer that’s behind me and that’s understanding and supportive means the world to me.’


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