Hayden’s confidence soars as he lands role as IT support worker

Hayden, who lives with anxiety, had limited work history and was lacking motivation after being out of work, before he reached out to WISE Employment Springwood.

He worked closely with WISE Employment to secure a job that would challenge, push and inspire him.

“I worked with my Candidate Officer, Kayla, to find the right role. She helped me prepare for the workforce, I attended appointments regularly, completed my job search requirements and developed a strong resume,” explained Hayden.

After encouragement from Kayla, internal referrals and Hayden’s own job search efforts, he started to receive positive feedback and more interviews.

“I really saw a change in Hayden, he was more confident, more motivated. After some time, we were able to get Hayden an interview for an IT support worker at Systems Squared in Sydney – and he got it!” said Kayla.

Hayden has been working at Systems Squared for three months where he works with the IT department by managing emails, organising suppliers and assisting with deliveries.

“This job has been a big learning curve, I’ve got to take initiative and problem solve. It’s great, it pushes me in a good way,” explained Hayden.

Hayden went on to explain how the role was helping him to manage his anxiety, “It gives me a reason to get up in the morning. The alarm goes off every day at 7:30; I no longer sit at home, I feel better physically and mentally. There was a time when getting out of bed was a chore.”

Hayden continues to thrive in his role and has already gone as far to say that it is his dream job. He has received nothing but positive feedback from his employer who advised other applicants for the job were no match for Hayden’s enthusiasm.

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