Finding support from the right employer sees Grant thrive and improve his quality of life

Grant is in his high-vis jersey and yellow hat standing outside on the golfing grounds. He is smiling at the camera.Living with a trauma-induced brain injury, 61-year-old Grant found it difficult maintaining permanent employment.

In 2018, Grant suffered from cardiac arrest, resulting in vision and motor skill impairment, as well as short-term memory deficiency.

“Grant joined WISE in 2018 after expressing frustration from his attempts in finding permanent employment. He was unsure of the potential outcome, as he had previously held a position with two different employers, both of which had halted abruptly at 13 weeks. With the expectation of ongoing employment, Grant had been let go without notice or explanation and reached out to WISE to assist him in finding a new position,” said Nadine, Grant’s WISE Employment Consultant.

“After speaking with Grant, it was clear working outdoors was of great interest. With a certificate in Horticulture and previous experience in garden maintenance, we worked together to ensure potential employment opportunities considered his passion for the outdoors while also complementing his skills,” said Nadine.

Grant and Nadine reached out to Port Lincoln Golf Club, highlighting his certifications and previous work experience. Grant was offered a two-week trial and it wasn’t long until he was successful in securing permanent employment in a position that complemented his ability.

As groundsman at Port Lincoln Golf Club, Grant is responsible for maintaining the herb gardens and garden beds, weeding, mulching, irrigation, labouring and hand mowing assisted by his support worker.

“I love my job and the sense of camaraderie between my work friends. Gaining employment at Port Lincoln Golf Club has given me the ability to work outdoors doing what I love, and I’ve become a happier person because of it. My confidence has increased, and I feel a sense of pride, purpose and dignity now, having found a permanent role,” said Grant.

Grant stands beside his support worker Grant, Employment Consultant Brenton and Superintendent Andrew. They are all standing on a field.WISE Employment continues to offer assistance to Grant now he is in employment, ensuring his workload is sustainable and that he can continue progressing in his role.

“The ongoing support has been such a comfort to me, and so important in maintaining my employment. Most recently, WISE assisted with an Employment Assistance Fund application for a TORO Utility Vehicle that will enable me to undertake work and access areas of the golf course that I couldn’t previously,” said Grant.

“I knew Grant personally before he had acquired his traumatic brain injury and joined WISE. Maintaining regular contact is an important part of the process, which is why we offer high ongoing support either by meeting face-to-face or offering regular phone calls. Grant will attend each shift with a WISE support worker, who can assist him to and from work in addition to offering supervision where needed,” said Nadine.

Following Grant’s trauma-induced brain injury, his change in ability had not only affected his physicality, but had taken a toll on his mental health.

“I was pretty down after my cardiac arrest and the following recuperation. Being offered employment at the golf club and the support I receive from my supervisor Andy has given me a feeling of self-worth. Finding employment has made things a lot easier for my wife and family, and that makes me really happy,” said Grant.

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