From unemployment to management, Adam thrives at Hume Doors & Timber

Image of Adam at his desk wearing a bring orange high-vis jumperIn 2011, Adam walked into his first WISE Employment meeting wearing no shoes. But it wasn’t long before his Case Manager Souzan Asfour was impressed by his can-do attitude, people skills and commitment to finding employment.

“He had an endearing spark, and I recognised so much potential in him. From that very day, with ongoing support from WISE, he has gone from strength to strength,” says Souzan.

Initially jumping from one employment agency to another, Adam grew tired of knock backs – rejections he says were based on his appearance and presentation, in addition to struggles with chronic back pain and a depression diagnosis.

“All I needed was someone to take a chance on me. I always knew I had potential but felt I was unfairly judged time and time again. I can’t think of any words to describe exactly how thankful I am to Souzan, WISE and Hume Doors for the opportunity they gave me.” Adam says.

Fast forward to the present day, Adam is a Factory Supervisor for manufacturer Hume Doors and Timber, now working with WISE from an employer perspective to engage other budding workers.

“I now have financial security, a strong sense of purpose and feel motivated each day to show up for my team. If it wasn’t for Souzan and WISE taking a chance on me, I don’t know where I’d be.”

For more than 15 years, WISE Employment has fostered a strong, ongoing relationship with Hume Doors and Timber. Working closely with their management and HR team, it’s a partnership that has seen WISE successfully place more than 1,000 customers into sustainable jobs.

Thanks to this relationship, Adam has been flourishing at Hume Doors for more than 10 years. Ensuring he was set up for success from day one, WISE arranged a back brace for Adam and scheduled frequent catch-ups to provide ongoing support, despite his permanent job placement.

First allocated to the factory floor supporting a team and ensuring orders were finalised on time, it didn’t take long for Hume Doors Operations Manager Paul Harding to recognise Adam’s capability and leadership skills.

“Adam is a model employee. He has great attention to detail and goes above and beyond in everything he does.”

“He also understands his limitations when necessary and transparently communicates with the team when he needs time off to prioritise his back pain and mental health – something I really admire,” says Paul.

After five years as a dedicated Hume Doors employee, an opportunity arose to manage a third factory – Paul says promoting Adam to this role was a no-brainer.

“When it came time to work out who would step up to manage the third factory, my mind instantly went to Adam. His progress has been truly exceptional, and I’m so glad we gave Adam the opportunity all those years ago.”

Adam’s journey with WISE Employment and his relationship with Souzan has now come full circle – she is his first point of contact when opportunities arise to extend his team.

Souzan says working with Adam to help other potential employees follow in his footsteps has been a real career highlight.

“I feel particularly proud seeing just how far Adam has come from the day I met him. To think that he’s now working with me to extend his very own team is truly heartwarming.”

“Adam is an example of just how transformative the WISE Employment process can be.”

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