Frank, who has schizophrenia, is doing well in his first job

With the help of the team at WISE Employment Preston, Frank has landed his first job and since starting in the role, his life has completely changed. Frank is working at Metfasteners as a factory hand where he supports with things such as packing and stacking boxes along with assisting in general operational and organisational tasks.

For Frank, who has schizophrenia, the stability of a job and solid work routine has helped him develop more confidence and motivation. This positive change has been obvious to the people around him, according to Mandira, Frank’s Post Placement Support Consultant from WISE Preston.

“Frank is naturally a shy person but employment has seen him develop more belief in himself and in his potential. Frank is someone who takes a little while to open up to people but once he does, he’s very warm and caring. His confidence has definitely changed since starting work and he seems a lot happier and more comfortable within himself,” says Mandira.

“I was naturally a little nervous when I first started, but I overcame it,” says Frank. “The other workers are really helpful and my boss is very nice.”

Frank recognises that a huge step towards developing the confidence in his role came from the support WISE offered early on in the process. The team at Preston worked closely with Frank to ensure he was applying for jobs suitable to his skill set and was interview ready. They also supported with his work attire and transportation.

Now Mandira checks in weekly with Frank to ensure he’s enjoying the role and receiving ongoing support.

“I pop by to make sure Frank is doing okay, that he’s liking his role and assure him that he can of course come to us when he has any concerns,” says Mandira. “I also work closely with his employer who has been very supportive of Frank. It’s a small business and they’re a close-knit group so everyone looks after each other which is great for Frank.”


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