Finding the right staff helps boost business for Direct Plastic Design

Employer Marco was at his wits’ end in struggling to find the right staff when he contacted WISE Employment. He was desperately looking for reliable staff for his plastic fabrication factory in Maidstone Victoria. The WISE St Albans office talked with him about the staff frustrations he had experienced and the staff or employee skill set he needed to help make his business successful on a day-to-day basis.

“I asked him how he felt about employing two mature-age mums who had little work experience but had the will to learn, work hard and create success,” recalls WISE Employment Consultant Serena. “He was open to that and I arranged the interviews.”

The two women, Thuy and Ngoc, who moved to Australia from Vietnam several years ago, have been impressing Marco and his clients ever since.

Both women had experienced around 10 years of employment rejections. Serena says “a lot of employers won’t give people with broken English a chance. But these people are eager to work…they have the right attitude. All they need is a little bit of training.”

Giving people a fair go may be the best thing employers can do for their business

Marco cannot speak highly enough about the work ethic of both Ngoc and Thuy.

“Ngoc may not have perfectly fluent English, but she is smart. In a short space of time, I’ve turned her into a fabricator,” he says with delight.

“She starts the machine, gets the program cuts, polishes the cut plastic, glues, assembles and packs it up ready to go,” he says. “If I could clone her I’d have another four or five of her,” he laughs.

Marco says Ngoc takes her job very seriously and shows great attention to detail. “From the very first day, I told her to ‘check and double check’. And she does. I’ve never seen anyone so precise…that means mistakes are rare,” he says.

So Ngoc has got the factory floor covered for Marco – that’s his first box ticked.

Now for the office.

Thuy is reasonably fluent in English and got straight into the office and customer enquiries. According to Marco, she has it “totally under control.”

“She’s a pocket-rocket,” he says with enthusiasm. “She handles all the day-to-day calls from customers and liaises with the company book-keeper. She speaks to people in the most pleasant manner. She’s never upset or cranky. She’s just fantastic.”

Productive staff enable employers to spend more time on growing their businesses

The productivity and efficiency gains the women have brought to Direct Plastic Design means Marco has more time to spend growing the business.

“I’m leaving it to Thuy to run the internet side of the business,” he says. “She’s totally trustworthy and reliable. Having her in the office, I can now devote more time to opening my retail store.”

It’s a success story for everyone involved. Ngoc and Thuy are growing in confidence and skills and Marco can get back to growing and running his business rather than dealing with the dramas of unreliable staff.

WISE Employment is pleased to have placed Ngoc and Thuy successfully in ongoing, rewarding employment. “It has completely changed their lives,” says Employment Consultant Serena. “The only thing they were missing was fluent English and some work experience. Now they are developing both. It’s a fantastic outcome.”

Marco is very pleased with his WISE Employment experience. “I’ve told Serena that when I’m ready for more employees, I’ll be back to let WISE Employment help me find more of the right staff,” he says. “But at the moment, Ngoc and Thuy are happy to work extra hours if I need them. And I’d rather do that because I know I can depend on them.”


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