Farhad flourishes at Sydney Local Health District as an integral member of its diverse workplace

Image features Farhad in his new work uniform, smiling at the camera while cleaning a window.Farhad is currently working at Balmain Hospital as a cleaner, after receiving continual support from WISE Employment.

Originally a WISE Disability Employment Services (DES) customer, Farhad was met with challenges when seeking to secure permanent work due to his hearing impairment and language barriers, with Bengali being his primary language.

Through the DES program, which offers free employment support for people living with a range of disabilities, Farhad was put in touch with his WISE Work Support Consultant Ruvina Dissanayake.

“At WISE, we set Farhad up for success. In addition to assisting him with interview processes, updating his resume and more generally preparing him for employment, we worked really closely to provide emotional support and reassurance, ensuring he felt confident when applying for his role at Sydney Local Health District,” Ruvina says.

“We also assisted Farhad in purchasing appropriate work attire, correctly reporting his earnings and ensured there was an interpreter present for any potential interviews so that he could comfortably express himself.”

WISE has had a strong, ongoing partnership with Sydney Local Health District since July 2020, one that aims to foster diversity in the workplace through employer education and support.

Chief Executive of Sydney Local Health District, Dr Teresa Anderson AM, says they are looking forward to continuing to work collaboratively with WISE to enhance the creation of employment opportunities for people with a disability, while building cultural awareness.

“Given the diversity of our District’s population, it is essential that we continue to value, support and grow a diverse workforce that is representative of the community,” she says.

And Farhard has witnessed that support firsthand. Feeling championed by his management team and the counsel they provide, he is excelling in his cleaning role.

“I respect the people I work with, just as much as they respect me. Regardless of the cultural differences and language barriers, I feel like I’m a really valued member of the team,” Farhad says.

“Working as a hospital cleaner throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly rewarding. I felt I was really making a difference as without cleaners, we don’t have a healthcare system.”

Having permanent work means the world to Farhad and has ignited a determination to continue flourishing in his career.

“Having a secure job has changed my life for the better. It has given me the confidence to believe in myself and never stop looking for future opportunities to grow,” Farhad says.


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