Employment and driver’s licence bring independence for Leah

Leah found work with help from WISE Whyalla Disability Employment ServicesLeah is one of WISE Employment’s longest standing participants; she first approached the Whyalla office almost 13 years ago. Managing a learning disability and severe social anxiety, Leah has worked hard to prove her worth as an employee. For 12 years, she’s been a part of the team at Coles, over the years, becoming an integral member of staff.

In her role at Coles, Leah has taken charge of multiple responsibilities; from working in the aisles through to providing customer service assistance. More recently, she’s taken charge of the health and beauty sections.

Family and friends describe Leah as a friendly, caring and artistic individual. In her spare time, Leah can be found enjoying her artistic talent.

“I really love art, I’m always making things. I like collecting and decorating dolls and painting,” said Leah.

WISE Employment has been an encouraging force for Leah. She has weekly catch ups with Angela from the Whyalla office. The meetings are a weekly highlight for both Angela and Leah, who over the years have developed a true friendship.

“Leah often comes in her with family and we love it! She’s more than a client, she’s like family! We’ve watched her grow and we’re so proud,” said Angela.

Angela went on to highlight how determined Leah is, “for the past five years Leah has been working hard to get her driver’s licence and she finally succeeded in April!”

Leah’s father explained how this would mean independence for Leah. In the past, Leah has relied on her family to get her places, but now she’s slowly learning to drive by herself, which has been a huge confidence boost.

Leah is looking forward to the future, explaining that having a job and her licence feels like a new wave of independence.

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