Train enthusiast Paul lands dream role at Pacific National

Photo of 6 job seekers shown on ABC's Employable Me sitting in a row. Paul is on the right, in a suit and holding a train.With a lifelong passion for trains Paul, who lives with autism, always dreamt of working in the rail industry – just like the two generations of men in his family before him.

Thanks to support from WISE Employment Consultant Renee, and Paul’s tenacity, he is now living out his dreams working as a Customer Incidents Performance Officer at Pacific National, one of Australia’s largest private rail freight operators.

Paul’s journey to landing this role wasn’t as straightforward as expected, and he soon learnt that there was no express train to securing the job of his dreams.

After working at a local steakhouse restaurant for four years, Paul was ready to find his next employment opportunity and got in touch with WISE.

WISE Employment Consultant Renee worked closely with Paul to get him ready to re-enter the workforce. Together, the pair updated his resume, prepared for interviews and applied for positions.

Despite being extremely hardworking, having a friendly personality and years of previous experience under his belt, finding work was proving to be difficult for Paul, often taking a toll on his typically positive mindset.

Paul’s process of securing employment may sound familiar for some as this was documented on ABC’s Employable Me – a show that documented Paul’s, as well as a number of other people who live with a disability, journey in finding employment.

Paul found out he was on the show a couple of days out from his birthday, making for an unforgettable early present.

“In August 2018, I was confirmed as one of the participants in Employable Me and the rest was history,” says Paul.

He loved the experience, even though it showcased the harsh realities of trying to find work when you live with a disability.

His favourite thing about taking part in the program was when the camera crew filmed him trainspotting for his YouTube channel, Paul’s Train Vlogs, which now has nearly 3,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, at the end of his journey on Employable Me, Paul had not found suitable employment. However, Renee and Paul didn’t give up and eventually the pair found the perfect role at Pacific National where Paul has been working for the past nine months.

“I am absolutely loving my role – it’s quite demanding at times, but someone’s got to do it!” Paul said.

“My whole life has changed since gaining employment in the freight industry. This job means the whole world to me, and I am so thankful for support from WISE in helping me get to where I am today.”

Paul is excited about the simple things that his job now allows him to do, such as finally being able to get the work on his car done!

With the support of WISE Employment and Pacific National, Paul has been able to find not just any job, but his dream job that he loves and one he is looking forward to keeping for the foreseeable future.

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