Domino’s Pizza franchisee says WISE Devonport always delivers

It has been a little over a year since Domino’s Pizza franchise owner, Jeremy, employed two staff members through WISE Employment Devonport and he hasn’t looked back.

Jeremy had recently taken over the Domino’s franchise in Ulverstone and was on the lookout for casual delivery drivers when Employment Consultant Karen from WISE Devonport offered WISE’s free services to help him find staff, including people with disability.

Assured by Karen that employer assistance from WISE includes ongoing support, Jeremy took up the offer and Karen quickly set about finding the right staff for Jeremy, matching job seekers Daniel and Sean to the job.

As Jeremy had done five years earlier, both Daniel and Sean began working at Domino’s delivering pizzas all over Ulverstone.

For 19-year-old Daniel, it was his first job since leaving high school the previous year. After registering with WISE, the team at WISE Devonport helped Daniel prepare a resume and also helped him buy his uniform when he got the job with Domino’s.

One year on and Daniel is working about 35 hours per week and says he loves the variety of the job and learning about the different aspects of the business. “Jeremy has trained me to open up the store, do the dough, take orders from customers and close the store which includes counting money,” Daniel says.

Jeremy is full of positive words for both Jeremy and Shaun.

“Daniel shows real potential and is always willing to learn new tasks and Shaun’s customer service skills are second to none,” Jeremy says.

Shaun, 39, sustained a back injury in 2009 and has a learning disability, says working as a delivery driver is the ideal job for him. “WISE helped find the perfect role for me, I am constantly moving around, getting in and out of the car all day which is very good for my back,” Shaun says.

Shaun doesn’t let his learning disability prevent him from trying new things or putting his hand up to learn more roles within the business. “During the quiet times at work I usually ask if I can practise doing different jobs, like working behind the counter and serving the pizzas,” he says. “My favourite part about my job is meeting new customers. I love getting out there with a smile on my face.” This positive attitude and dedication to customer service recently landed Shaun a spot in the Domino’s staff magazine.

Jeremy is also full of praise for WISE Devonport and has gone on to hire an additional four casual drivers with help from the WISE Employment team.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better. I call them up and tell them what I need and they always deliver,” he says.

“I would recommend WISE’s services to other employers. If there is ever an issue I call the consultants and they help us work through it. It’s the perfect partnership.”


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