Chronic pain didn’t get in the way of Darren finding the perfect role

A good sense of humour and a positive attitude are two of many traits that make Darren a great support worker.

Darren is currently working with the team at NOSS Tasmania, a not-for-profit association supporting people living with a disability. Day-to-day, he works in a team of over 60 other support workers across a variety of clients – helping them both at home and in the community.

After working in aged care for some time, Darren began experiencing ongoing, severe back pain. This chronic pain began to interfere with his ability to carry out the tasks and responsibilities of the role, prompting him to make the challenging decision to look for work elsewhere.

Turning to WISE Employment for support, Darren was connected with employment consultant Chris. Determined to find a role that would fulfill him –  the pair got to work.

Working together, the duo updated his resume, prepared for interviews and searched for jobs that didn’t require the psychically demanding work Darren was used to.

“Chris not only helped me look for roles, but also provided me with a backpack and clothing so I didn’t look too shabby during the interview process!” Darren said.

Employment Manager, Tameka Dornauf also had a profound influence on helping Darren get back on his feet before looking for employment.

“Tameka spent a lot of time with me initially helping me sort through some mental health related challenges I was facing during that time.” He said.

“Specifically, Tameka helped arrange counseling for me prior to starting my job seeking journey which really set me up for success.”

The position at NOSS was the perfect fit for Darren, calling for all of the skills developed during his time working in Aged Care, but no demands of intensive physical labour.

“Over the past two years my life has totally changed. I now have financial freedom and a job that helps me pay off my mortgage. The new role also allows me to manage my work load so that I can stay on top of my back pain.”

“I’m extremely grateful for all of WISE’s support in helping me find a suitable role that suits my needs,” he added.

Chris, employment consultant at WISE Launceston, has seen Darren make great strides since starting his new role.

“It’s been great working with Darren and seeing him find his feet in a new role that fits in with his lifestyle and enables him to manage his back pain,” he said.

“His physical health and outlook has improved dramatically compared to when he first came to WISE and I’m glad to have been part of his journey.”

While Darren is now in a place where he doesn’t feel he needs as much support as he once did, he still enjoys hearing from Chris. He knows that if he needs support, guidance, or just a friendly ear – he’s only a phone call away.

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