Carol leads the charge for women in construction

Carol has experienced a lot of instability and hardship in her life; she grew up in foster care homes, has suffered from domestic abuse, severe depression and PTSD. Carol has four daughters, three of which are currently in foster care; they are her greatest source of motivation and the main reason she has forged a career in her dream industry; construction.

Carol participated in a program that assists women in gaining construction roles in Victoria. She has completed a Certificate II in Resource and Infrastructure Work Preparation and is now completing the Certificate III in Civil Construction as part of an 18-month apprenticeship with the Metro Tunnel Project’s tunnels and stations contractor CYP Design & Construction (CYP D&C). Carol is working at the Domain Precinct, constructing the new Anzac Station on St Kilda Road.

For Carol, this role and working on this project is a dream come true. “I’ve always loved the outdoors, buildings and developments. I love that you can see something go from nothing to a new tunnel. I now have the opportunity to see the amount of time, the process and procedures involved in creating something that helps people daily. When my kids have kids, I’ll be able to take them through the tunnel and proudly say that I helped build this,” said Carol.

Whilst Carol has endured several barriers to employment, she received continued support and regular meetings with her Case Manager, Phil, at WISE Employment Frankston jobactive. As part of this process, and through the aid of WISE Account Manager Diane, Carol in time discovered her family history and Aboriginal heritage.

“Working with WISE Employment and having Diane help me in so many ways, including traveling to the city with me for interviews, was incredible. She has been an ongoing support to me,” said Carol.

As Carol is on her work and life path, her passion has not gone unnoticed according to Abel, CYP D&C’s Workforce Social Employment Advisor.

“Carol’s willingness to learn and be open to learning has been great to see. She is eager to understand and discover all the opportunities that can help her move forward on the project,” said Abel.

Carol’s enthusiasm and encouragement of women to follow their passion was obvious during her six-week training course, as evidenced by Abel.

“During the training program, Carol was working closely with other women, creating a strong network of camaraderie and support – with all women wanting to be part of the change they are forging – Carol was vocal about that change. She is a strong advocate for encouraging more women to take on the course and be part of the industry,” said Abel.

Carol’s current role provides her with stability, financial independence and a network of people that she now calls her friends. With the world of construction being a male-dominated industry she is also determined to encourage women to dream big and not let gender deter them from giving it a go.

“The industry that I work in has a lot of men. They are the greatest bunch and I’ve learnt not to let my gender hold me back. There is no reason women can’t do what men do. I am determined to give my kids the future that they deserve, and I want to encourage them not to be categorised – they can do anything they want to do.” explained Carol.

Carol is dedicated to making the most of her apprenticeship, working hard, supporting her daughters at home, by providing and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Carol’s professional dream is to operate heavy machinery and equipment, and to encourage women to get involved in an industry that can be rewarding for them.


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