Cameron, who experiences severe social anxiety, is thriving in his new IT internship role at Bank Australia

Cameron, who experiences severe social anxiety, is thriving in his new IT internship role at Bank Australia

After spending many years in the hospitality sector, Cameron was ready for a career change. Cameron, who experiences severe social anxiety, connected with WISE Employment Richmond to find a role that would motivate him.

Eager to make a change, Cameron was ready to take on a challenge. After working with his WISE Employment Consultant, Bronte, and training for interviews, Cameron was able to secure an internship with Bank Australia in the IT Department.

“I was working in hospitality for over three years and was ready to do something different. Bronte was very helpful and helped me get an interview for an internship position at Bank Australia,” explained Cameron.

In his role at Bank Australia, Cameron has been able to develop a strong set of IT skills. He is now assisting employees with technological issues, setting up work stations and acting as an IT service desk.

Tammie, Cameron’s Manager, describes him as an enthusiastic, willing and determined employee.

“He’ll give anything a go and he’s always the first put his hand up. We’ve seen him take on unfamiliar tasks and adapt to situations accordingly,” said Tammie.

Cameron is thoroughly enjoying the internship program and highlights the working culture as a key attribute. “The people are great, extremely friendly and accepting.”

Cameron went on to explain that having this role meant financial stability, increased confidence and normality.

“It’s given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I have responsibilities and I’m able to interact with people and live a normal life. It’s helping me put the bad stuff behind me.”

Cameron was the first intern at Bank Australia and given the positive experience, he’s been the start of an ongoing internship program focusing on people with a disability or illness.

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