From barista to manager, Joe brews obstacles into success

From barista to manager, Joe brews obstacles into successJoe knows how to make a good cup o’ Jo, so when WISE Employment found him the opportunity to work as a barista at Sydney’s mobile coffee company Grab a Cino he jumped at the offer. The role was the perfect fit for someone who loves having a chat while seeing in action the happiness good coffee brings.

‘I love being out there and meeting new people,’ says Joe. ‘There’s not one day in this job that I don’t meet a new person and a new face. I love socialising with my clients.’

Joe experiences ongoing health conditions and first came to WISE Employment Auburn after an extended period of unemployment as a result of being in and out of hospital.

‘I used to sit at home stressed out. I hated staying at home, I was down in the dumps,’ says Joe.

Since starting at Grab a Cino, things have changed dramatically for Joe, who, within just three months, went from working in the van making 180 coffees a day to being promoted to manager and is now responsible for a team of around four staff members. His commitment to excellent customer service and good coffee is second to none.

WISE Auburn Employment Consultant Mick, who worked closely with Joe and assisted him to secure employment, says he’s never met anyone with such a strong work ethic.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it, not even from someone in perfect health,’ says Mick. ‘Take for example this year’s Mother’s Day Fun Run; Joe had been in hospital two days before and despite being sick, he was adamant he wanted to be there at 3.00am in the middle of winter to set up the coffee vans and serve the 75,000 runners’.

Joe’s dedication to his clients and love for his job shone through, as it does every day. ‘Putting in that time, effort and energy when you have a number of health issues is pretty admirable,’ says Mick.

Despite now being behind the desk and not working on the coffee machine, Joe still makes the effort to pop by, say hi to his clients and spread cheer.

‘You need to be motivated and what motivates me is that I know each day I can put smiles on people’s faces,’ concludes Joe.


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