Amber, who lives with depression and anxiety, shines at Sydney accounting firm

Amber, who lives with depression and anxiety, shines at Sydney accounting firmAmber is a bubbly character and often told she has an infectious smile with the ability to brighten any room. Staying positive and enjoying the simple things in life is precious for Amber, as she has been living with depression and anxiety her entire adult life.

Amber works in the heart of Sydney’s CBD for a global accounting firm, BDO, and not only loves what she does but appreciates how far she’s come.

“I love where I work, everyone is really lovely and kind. I have come a long way. There were times where leaving the house was a challenge, it was a struggle to stay motivated and I began to feel like I lost my sense of purpose. Since working at BDO, I’ve met like-minded people, I enjoy the routine and accomplishing my tasks,” said Amber.

With the support of WISE, Amber worked closely with the WISE Bankstown team to help build her resilience and work towards getting herself job ready with a new resume, interview training and partaking in WISE programs that provided her with the right tools to take on new work.

Today, Amber works at BDO as their Mail Room Assistant and has become an office all-rounder, supporting the team across all floors through various tasks, everything from restocking stationery to loading the printers with paper. The staff at BDO enjoy her presence and support.

“Amber has a positive attitude and always finds a way to make a person smile. She’s a friendly face that brings positivity to the workplace. Amber has shown that she loves to learn new things and expand her breadth of experience,” said Emily, People & Culture Advisor at BDO Sydney.

BDO is committed to a diverse and inclusive culture, encouraging their staff to be themselves at work and fulfil their personal potential, as they strive to break down common stigmas associated with mental health.

“One misconception is someone who has experienced or is experiencing mental health challenges is less productive within their role. Amber is fantastic within her role, she is efficient, eager to learn, independent, takes initiative and is a great team player. She oozes positivity and brightens the Sydney office.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be an active and productive member of the workforce. Working with an agency such as WISE will assist in finding great candidates to enhance your business,” explained Emily.

Amber has enjoyed the professionalism and ‘vibe’ of both WISE and BDO. The travel to work has also been a positive step for Amber.

“When I wasn’t working, I was in my own bubble, never leaving my area and experiencing new things. I love commuting into the city – I see different people wearing different kinds of things – it broadens your horizons. For someone that lives with anxiety, people watching can be anxiety provoking. I like it, to me it shows that people have life inside them,” explained Amber.

Amber is excited about her future and continues to stay focused on her work, herself and enjoying the people in her life, at work, and of course on her travels into work!

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