Amber finds pride in new role as a personal carer, with support from WISE

Job Seeker, Amber, is holding her TAFE Certificate and smiling at the cameraAfter taking time off to raise her children, Amber, who lives with anxiety, decided that it was time to re-enter the workforce.

Overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, Amber came to WISE for support in preparing for, finding and transitioning into secure work. She was connected with WISE Employment Consultant, Kelly, and the two got started on a pathway plan to get her to where she is today.

WISE placed Amber into ESHER House Behavioural Training where she focused on building confidence, goal setting and finding her skill sets. By focusing on these skills, the program helped her identify job roles that she would be well suited to, like caring.

After the training, Kelly helped Amber sign up to TAFE to attain her Certificate III in Individual Support.

The course was a challenging process for Amber, and ultimately, impacted her mental health. She leaned on Kelly’s emotional support during this time.

“Kelly was on the phone to me every day to help me through it and get to class. One day she even drove me there herself.

“I nearly dropped out halfway through the course because it all got too much, but Kelly’s emotional support and determination to make sure I completed the course got me to the finish line,” she said.

As part of her course Amber completed placement at the Eyre Peninsula Old Folks Home in Port Lincoln, SA. The team loved her and kept her on as an activities officer one day a week.

Not long after her role began in February, COVID hit. Amber found it stressful navigating a new career during the pandemic, especially in a particularly vulnerable industry.

Amber reflected, “It got pretty worrying, and with the kids, it came to the point where I thought ‘should I go to work or stay home with the children?’”

With a great team around her at work and support from Kelly, Amber decided to stay. Six months on and she now works 20 hours a week as a personal carer and activities officer, keeping the residents entertained and busy.

Kelly is extremely proud of the progress Amber has made over the last two years, explaining that “even though it’s been difficult at times, Amber’s persistence and perseverance has been amazing. She’s made so much progress since we first met, and it’s been great to be a part of that.”

Amber is proud of herself too. “I like that I’m leading a good example for my kids. They saw me commit to studying again and they were excited when I started a new job – I’m really happy I can show them that I’m working on myself and that it’s paying off.”

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