Job seekers who have a mental illness

Each year we help more than over 1300 job seekers who have a mental illness into jobs. We support job seekers who have a mental illness every step of the way to get back to work.

For many people who have a mental illness, getting a meaningful job will help with their recovery and means they can enjoy self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.

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Eligible job seekers can access our services for free. We are by your side on your journey to employment. We can speak to your employer on your behalf and make sure your workplace is a good fit for you.

When you start work, we are there for you. We can visit or phone to make sure you are enjoying your job and have the right tools and training to do your job well. We can even come to your workplace to talk to your employer about extra support to keep you well and productive.

Our services to job seekers, including those who have a mental illness, include:

  • help to overcome any concerns you may have about getting a job
  • an individualised approach to your job search including assistance with your resume, job applications, interview preparation and help in looking for suitable jobs
  • guidance on the type of job you are seeking
  • assistance to obtain skills, qualifications and experience to reach your vocational goals
  • training in specific job skills
  • promoting you to our network of employers
  • support in whole-of-life issues before and after starting work – we have partnerships with referring doctors, mental illness organisations, local government agencies and other complementary community services
  • on-the-job support to help you fit or transition into your job – this can include workplace modifications or specialist equipment and co-worker and employer support
  • translation services if you need them
  • ongoing support for as long as you need us.


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