Our employer-targeted Empowermental campaign demonstrates that a person who has a mental illness can be the best person for the job.

Empowermental addresses the stigma employers might have about employing staff who have a mental illness. It encourages employers to consider this group of people during their recruitment phase.

If you’re an employer looking for staff, you can register a job vacancy online, or call us on 1800 685 105.

Our research shows 63% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who hired a person who has a mental illness had a positive or very positive experience. This statistic is comparable to the outcome of any recruitment process.

Our research also shows the younger the employer; the more likely they are to employ a person who has a mental illness. Thirty-two percent of Gen Y and thirty percent of Gen X employers are likely to hire a person who has a mental illness in the future, compared with seventeen percent of Baby Boomer employers.

One in five Australians will have a mental illness in any 12-month period (National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 2007), so you may already know, rely on, trust or work with someone who has a mental illness.

Read the Empowermental research results snapshot: ‘SME attitudes to employing people who have a mental illness’

Official press release: ‘Mental illness in the workplace: ‘fear factor’ does no favours for business’

Download the Empowermental employer brochure 

Download mental illness employer FAQs

We can help you find the right job candidates from a pool of diverse talent, including someone who has a mental illness. Our employment services are free to eligible employers and job seekers. Ongoing employer and job seeker support continue for as long as you need us. We help you access government-funded incentives and support for wages and training costs.

WISE Stand Up for Mental Health (WSMH) was part of our Empowermental campaign. It is a unique stand-up comedy event featuring award-winning Canadian comedian David Granirer.

David is an author and counsellor who has depression. He trained a group of Australians with mental illness to develop their own stand-up comedy routine on the highs and lows of living with mental illness.

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