Restart Program: jobs for people over 50

Mature-age workers can bring a wealth of valuable experience to your business. If you employ a mature age worker, you may also be eligible for financial support from the government.

Receive a wage subsidy for employing mature-age workers

The Department of Employment’s Restart Program can give your business a wage subsidy up to $10,000 (GST incl.) if you employ and retain a job seeker aged 50+ who has been continuously unemployed and on income support for 6 months or more.

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What types of jobs can be offered?

The mature age worker must start in the position on or after 1 July 2014 and be a registered job seeker at the time the application is submitted. The position must:

  • be for a minimum of 20 hours per week;
  • comply with minimum standards for employment according to Commonwealth, State or Territory law;
  • not be commission-based, subcontracting or self-employment;
  • not be for an immediate family member;
  • not displace an existing employee; and be ongoing and sustainable.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are also eligible Restart job placements.

Who are eligible employers?

To be eligible for the Restart wage subsidy applicable to the employment of older workers (jobs for people over 50), an employer must:

  • be a legal entity with an Australian Business Number;
  • have not previously received a Restart wage subsidy for the same job seeker; and
  • not be a Commonwealth, State or Territory government agency.

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All our recruitment services are free to your business.


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