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According to the Black Dog Institute, “wellbeing is a heightened state that’s beyond just feeling happy or having good health. It’s a condition of flourishing, where we thrive in many aspects of our lives.” To help our customers thrive and reach their potential in all aspects of life, WISE has developed the WISE Wellbeing program.

WISE Employment Consultant and Wellbeing Coach, Rianne Gifford, explains more about the program and how working with a coach can help you find and maintain employment.

The WISE Wellbeing program

Our WISE Wellbeing program is here to help you reach your potential in your professional and personal life. Developed in partnership with Neurozone, the program uses neuroscience to help you understand your patterns, strengths and current habits. By recognising your strengths and actioning improvements in certain areas, you have the opportunity to build your skills and resilience to help you excel in life.

When you sign up as a WISE customer, you have the choice to take part in the program. If you decide to opt-in, you will fill out a questionnaire about your current habits.

After completing the questionnaire, an in-depth report is generated for you. The personalised report highlights your current strengths and provides recommendations in five areas of your life that you could improve on. Improvements can include exercise, nutrition, sleep, humour and more.

You can choose to work with a WISE Wellbeing Coach to set goals and receive recommendations on how to achieve them. The tailored sessions can be included in your regular appointments with your WISE Employment Consultant.

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What is a WISE Wellbeing Coach?

A WISE Wellbeing Coach is a WISE Employment Consultant that has completed our wellbeing training. They work one-on-one with customers to ensure your wellbeing journey is unique to you. Plus, they provide the encouragement and tools needed to achieve your goals.

Rianne says the report highlights specific and achievable goals.

“We can look at our client’s wellbeing in a different light. The report helps us learn more about who they are as a person, and we can set relevant goals”.

The coaches will integrate these goals and achievements to help you understand your overall wellbeing and help you find and maintain work.

In addition, the coaches can answer any questions you have and debrief with you on your progress. If something is not working, they will look into another way to achieve your goal.

Assisting with employment

Finding a sense of wellbeing involves thriving in many aspects of our lives. Taking the time to improve on the areas in the report will have a flow-on effect from your personal life to work.

For example, if an area of improvement in your report was humour and making time to laugh, you can gain:

  • A sense of relaxation that occurs twenty minutes after laughter when your temperature drops
  • A chance to join in on workplace banter around the office
  • Seeing the positives or humour in situations
  • Making time to do things you enjoy
  • General sense of belonging

Alternatively, if your area of improvement was increasing your sleep, you will:

  • Be more focused on tasks
  • Increase your immune system
  • Find more patience and less anger with people
  • Make better decisions in all areas of your life
  • Be more present
  • Have more energy to participate in activities you enjoy

WISE Wellbeing Coach Rianne says working as a coach has helped her clients overall wellbeing, especially during the pandemic.

“It’s been really great to work on these reports during lockdowns,” says Rianne. “It’s a really good way to service our clients and shows them that we genuinely care.”

Learn more about our services or chat to your local office about the WISE Wellbeing Program.

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