Diversity and Inclusion

Creating Diversity and Inclusion is a key focus at WISE. Learn about accessibility, disability discrimination, and making work more inclusive for everyone.

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Employment Services

We’ve interviewed team members and broken down different WISE employment services to learn more about how we can help you find meaningful and long-term employment.

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Finding a Job

Finding a job isn’t always easy? Learn how to upgrade your resume, ace an interview, make your social media profiles employer proof and more with our WISE job seeking tips.

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Mental Health Tips

Learn how to look after your mental health, recognise burnout and create healthy habits with our mental health tips.

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WISE Employer Services

If you’re an employer, manager or business looking for staff, wage subsidies, or tips on making your work environment more accessible, these resources are for you.

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Work Safety

Worried about staying physically and mentally safe at work? Check out our WISE Tips on work safety and preventing injuries.

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Resume Tips: How to Stand Out

Resume Tips: How to Stand Out Your resume is often your first chance to make an impression on a hiring manager when you apply for a role. They highlight your experience, achievements and skills, showing…

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