NDIS SLES: Supporting School Leavers into Employment

Ever wondered if our services extend to help school leavers living with a disability find employment? The good news is, they do! WISE Employment offers School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) for eligible NDIS customers in Tasmania and Victoria.

Keep reading to find out more about SLES, eligibility and advice for students on how to access the support.

What is the School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) program?

The SLES program offers school leavers individualised support to gain the skills and confidence needed to find and maintain employment. Working with your WISE SLES consultants, you will work to identify your strengths and growth areas. Together, you will create a plan to achieve your employment goals.

SLES plans can include:

  • Work and volunteering experience
  • Building capacity and life skills
  • Enrolling in further study or TAFE courses
  • Counselling
  • Developing resumes and employment plans
  • Interview training
  • Support with new routines
  • Group skills

After completing the two-year program, customers will have gained the skills and confidence they need to find and maintain employment, along with assistance integrating to Disability Employment Services (DES).


To be eligible, students must be in their final year of school, which is generally year 12, and have available funding allocated in their NDIS plan. If your goal is to find employment you can talk to your local NDIS Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator about SLES being added to your current NDIS plan. SLES supports can extend up to two years from when you leave school, ensuring you have the skills, confidence and qualifications to reach your employment goals.

Our team are happy to provide further information on the best way to seek assistance from the NDIS to add SLES to your plan.

Advice for school leavers

Leaving high school with a firm career path is a challenge for most year 12 students. The best way to plan for a long-lasting career is to build the right skills and improve your confidence. SLES provides school leavers the opportunity to learn about their strengths along with finding work environments which work for them.

Our Victoria NDIS Program Manager, Lily, believes SLES gives students the perfect environment to discover their strengths and passions along with building up confidence.

“SLES allows you to explore options and work towards figuring out what you want to do… Just give everything a go and find out what you’re passionate about.”

Her advice – confidence is key.

“It’s all about building confidence. Your skills will get better with time.”

For Deborah, NDIS Manager in Tasmania, SLES is all about empowering customers to take control of their goals.

“It’s about helping people work towards their goals. We give them choice and control over what they want to do and support them through it.”


Find out more about School Leavers Employment Supports.

Or email your local provider below:

Tasmania: ndistas@wiseemployment.com.au

Victoria: ndisvic@wiseemployment.com.au


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