How occupational rehabilitation benefits your business

WISE Employment offers your business a 360-degrees approach when it comes to staffing and recruitment. The WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team play a key factor in this equation. They provide a range of occupational rehabilitation services that protect staff, lower the risk of injury, help workers resume employment safely and save you money on insurance, plus much more.

Our experienced healthcare professionals service both workers and employers through occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, psychology and rehabilitation counselling.

Keep reading for information on how we can help you through our Occupational Rehabilitation service and the benefits of partnering with WISE.

Workplace Assessments

Employees spend a large part of  their day working, so it is important to ensure they are safe. Workplace assessments go beyond correctly setting up desks (although that is important); we look at the whole environment in which a staff member operates in. This includes their equipment, the boxes they may lift, how they move around the area they work in, and their transport. Demonstrating you have your staffs’ wellbeing and safety in mind can benefit your business in several ways, such as increased productivity and work satisfaction.

Completing a workplace assessment means staff joints, posture, eyesight, mental health and overall wellbeing are all protected.

Benefits of workplace assessments include:

  • Prevention of injury for workers in the office, factory and at home
  • Full risk assessment of the office and/or working from home arrangements
  • Keeping staff safe and productive through specialised recommendations for ergonomic equipment
  • Trials of ergonomic equipment
  • Staff knowing their health and wellbeing is valued
  • Potential to reduce or minimise your businesses workers’ compensation premiums
Pre-employment Assessments

We are dedicated to ensuring you find the right staff for your business. Our team of experts provide in-depth pre-employment assessments to determine if a candidate can safely perform the open position. If not, we can identify alternative roles for the desired candidate or suggest adjustments.

As part of our service, WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team can:

  • Objectively assess a candidate to ensure they have the physical capacity to safely and comfortably perform a role
  • Identify potential roles that suit your candidate’s abilities
  • Provide detailed tailored reports on findings and next steps
  • Create a job dictionary outlining the physical aspects of a role
  • Support job rotation
  • Potential to reduce your businesses workers’ compensation premiums

Currently, our pre-employment assessments are available in South Australia.

What it’s like to partner with the WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team

WISE is proud to collaborate with Haigh’s Chocolates, providing ongoing pre-employment assessments for potential staff to reduce the likelihood of injury for employees and the business.

At Haigh’s Chocolates, Annabel Franklin, HR and Recruitment Officer, says the WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team meets their full requirements.

“Organising pre-employment assessments for candidates through WISE Employment’s Occupational Rehabilitation team has always been a seamless process for us. Where we have required high volume or last-minute assessments, WISE Employment have been able to provide the flexibility needed to meet our full request. The comprehensive yet easy-to-read reports tailored to our Occupational Dictionary have always been completed in a timely manner. I recommend WISE Employment to any employer or individual looking for a pre-employment functional capacity assessment,” says Annabel.

Building ongoing relationships with businesses allows us to have a deeper insight into your company culture and job requirements to match you with the right candidate. In addition, we can create competitive pricing and packages designed for your business needs.

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Stay up to date with the latest WISE Employment news and information.