Celebrating Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy week (OT) promotes participation, inclusion and independence. WISE Ways to Work Occupational Therapist, Preetha Sivakumaran, explains what OT is and how we can use it to benefit all aspects of our lives.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy looks at a person holistically. All areas of their life are taken into consideration, including their abilities, disabilities, work life and interactions within the community.

Once an Occupational Therapist understands a person, they can then create strategies to help the client engage in meaningful work and activities that align with their interests.

Work includes both traditional and non-traditional roles, including:

  • Paid employment
  • Casual employment
  • Carer at home
  • Student
  • Job seeker
  • Volunteering
  • Being a parent
  • Community member
  • Team mate
  • And many more

Our WISE Ways to Work team focuses on vocational therapy.

“In vocational OT, we make sure you can reach your potential in any role that you have, making sure that you are engaging in it to the best of your abilities,” says Preetha.

What is Occupational Therapy week?

During Occupational Therapy week, we take the time to celebrate everything in the OT community. This includes the wins and achievements, along with a chance to reflect on how to improve for the next year.

This year’s theme is ‘participation, inclusion and independence’. These three components are all elements we need to be successful in our everyday lives.

A time for reflection

“As OT’s we look at the balance of three main categories,” says Preetha. “Self-care, productivity and leisure.”

This is integrated with the notion of start, stop, and continue from the Occupational Therapy Australia’s The New Normal Handbook.

Self-care includes anything that promotes health like personal hygiene, relaxing, listening to music, exercise routines and more.

Productivity refers to traditional and non-traditional forms of being productive. For example, you can be productive while scrolling social media, while at work, studying, cleaning the house and other activities you might engage in.

Leisure is everything and anything you enjoy. Whether this is music, sports, catching up with family, painting or dancing, your leisure activities are something you do to create balance.

Finally, we can reflect on these three areas of our live with the ‘stop, start and continue notion’.

We can do this by asking ourselves are there any new activities I could start and add to my self-care, productivity and leisure routines?

How about stopping anything that isn’t working for you?

And noticing what is working that you would like to continue.

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