Post-placement support

Employers’ post-placement recruitment support

After a position is filled, we offer free post-placement support for up to six months to make sure you and your new employee(s) are happy with the outcome. We help employers to support to new employees with advice on induction programs, buddying, mentoring, workplace and equipment modifications, flexible work environments and further training if needed. We can also give you information about extra grants and subsidies to help with these costs.

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Job seekers’ post-placement employment support

We offer you and your employer free follow-up support after placement to make sure your job is going well, you have all that you need to be as productive as possible at work, and to address any issues that might come up. The person familiar with your circumstances continues this post-placement support, where possible. We stay in touch for up to six months if needed and we respect your privacy by asking you to tell us how you would like to continue this relationship.

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