Occupational Rehabilitation for Job Seekers

Sometimes you just need a little extra help to be ready for employment. WISE Occupational Rehabilitation is an allied health service of WISE Employment. We aim to assist people back into productive employment and help them keep working.

As part of one of Australia’s leading disability employment service providers, we have a unique understanding of the labour market and extensive experience in tailoring our services to job seekers and employers.

Whether it’s counselling, referrals to other services or strategies to deal with the pace of modern life, the team at WISE Occupational Rehabilitation can provide you with the right support.

We have a tailored approach to ensure you are ready to work. This can include support to improve your overall wellbeing, enhance your communication skills and self-esteem or stay inspired and energised.

These are life-long skills that will help you gain employment and stay in work long-term.

Is WISE Occupational Rehabilitation right for you?

Our services can help people from all backgrounds and walks of life including people who:

  • Have a mental health condition, for example anxiety or depression
  • Struggle with low confidence and self-esteem
  • Have experienced substance abuse or addiction
  • Experience relationship difficulties
  • Have a physical disability
  • Just seem to find it hard to stay in work

How we can help you

We have a network of skilled professionals who can:

  • Provide confidential counselling, in either one on one or group sessions
  • Help you identify your work-related goals and how to get there
  • Refer you to other programs and services
  • Work closely with your doctor to get the best results

Join us

If you think WISE Occupational Rehabilitation might be right for you, ask your WISE Consultant to refer you and enjoy the benefits of accessing our services from your local WISE office.

Most WISE Employment job seekers will be able to access our services at no-cost.

How to access our services:

Ask your WISE Employment consultant to refer you to WISE Occupational Rehabilatation or for a confidential chat you can call us on 1800 728 769, or email the WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team.


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