Occupational Rehabilitation and Medical Services (ORAMS)

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation is an approved Occupational Rehabilitation and Medical Services (ORAMS) provider in Victoria metro along with South Australia’s metro and north.

WISE’s skilled and experienced Allied Health team are all Comcare approved.

Our approved ORAMS services include:

  • Home-based work assessments
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Early intervention assessments and programs
  • Compensation rehabilitation assessments – Physical and Psychological Compensation rehabilitation programs
  • Functional capacity evaluations – SA

How we can assist:

  • Speedy acceptance of referrals and assessment appointments within specified KPIs
  • Thorough and timely reports outlining well considered recommendations
  • Expert assessment skills and rehabilitation program development as required
  • Choice of a variety of Allied Health professionals depending on needs
  • Transforming your team members for a return to productive work and life

Find out more about ORAMS by emailing the WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team


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