Occupational Rehabilitation

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation Services aims to help workers back into productive employment and to make workplaces safe for everyone.

We are an approved Rehabilitation Provider within the Comcare Scheme and an approved Return to Work Service Provider under Return To Work SA. WISE is also an approved ORAMS (Occupational Rehabilitation and Medical Services) Provider in Vic Metro, SA Metro and SA North regions.

A range of our Occupational Rehabilitation services are accessible via NDIS services in Victoria.

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation is an allied health service of WISE Employment. As one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit disability employment services providers, we have a unique understanding of the Australian labour market and extensive experience in tailoring our services for employers and workers.

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation services

We offer a comprehensive range of Occupational Rehabilitation services including:

Injury management and return to work (RTW) services

Our injury management and return to work services include:

  • workplace-based intervention to keep the focus on returning to work
  • comprehensive RTW plans and rehabilitation programs and monitoring
  • thorough analysis of pre-injury duties via a workplace assessment
  • collaboration with all people including treating medical practitioners.

Activities of daily living (ADL) assessments

Our Occupational Therapists assess people in their home and determine what they need to improve function, independence and safety at home and in the community. Equipment for the home may be recommended or household services introduced.

Workstation assessments

We are experienced in assessing workstation ergonomics to prevent injury or minimise ongoing problems. We recommend modified or adaptive office equipment to make work activities more comfortable and sustainable, resulting in increased productivity. We can offer free trials of ergonomic equipment prior to purchase. We can also conduct home office workstation assessments and provide strategies to stay safe while travelling for work and working remotely.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and pre-employment assessments (South Australia)

Our physiotherapists assess a person’s physical capacity to complete a job safely and comfortably via a pre-employment assessment or a more detailed Functional Capacity Evaluation. A pre-employment assessment for employers is invaluable in matching the right person for the right job to ensure tenure is safe and sustainable.

  • Vocational services

WISE Employment has been assisting job seekers with disability or injury since 1992. Our expert team can help employees find alternative work within an organisation or with a new employer. Vocational assessments and counselling can be conducted to ensure appropriate career goals.

  • Psychological services

Our team of psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors deliver one-to-one counselling to a range of people, including employers, as well as both jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES) job seekers. We work with people to overcome barriers to employment or help them return to work.

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation team

Our experienced and talented health professionals can help workers and employers across a range of health areas including:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation counselling

Contact WISE Occupational Rehabilitation

To refer a case or for more information about our services please contact:

  • Andrea Raphael, Occupational Rehabilitation Manager
  • Roger Beruldsen, Occupational Rehabilitation Business Support Officer

Email WISE Occupational Rehabilitation or contact Andrea on: 0408257768

Book a workplace assessment for your workplace or home office

Keep your staff healthy and productive. Build a physically and mentally agile business using simple strategies and practical ergonomic solutions.  Provide a safe, flexible workplace by understanding your role and responsibilities as an employer.

Workplaces are so busy these days. It’s easy to overlook simple changes that can make a big difference to your team’s physical and mental health. 

Booking a workplace assessment is a really good way to let your staff know they are valued. To ensure their busy days are physically comfortable and therefore mentally manageable.


Benefits the body

  • An assessment can protect everything from joints to eyesight, correct posture and even assist with mental health, promoting overall wellbeing. To keep your team healthy and productive we will:
  • Assess workstation ergonomics to prevent injury or minimise and alleviate ongoing symptoms.
  • Recommend specialised ergonomic office equipment to make work activities comfortable and sustainable, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Offer free trials of ergonomic equipment prior to purchase.
  • Take a holistic approach, assessing all spaces that are considered the workplace including when traveling or working from home.
  • Provide tips on how to stay active in the workplace even when a role is sedentary.
  • Complete a risk assessment of the home prior to the set up of a working from home arrangement.


Benefits your business

A workplace assessment will benefit business by:

  • Lowering costs related to workplace injuries and loss of productivity.
  • Reducing or minimise workers’ compensation claims by arranging preventative programs.
  • Minimising the risk associated with employees working from home or away from the office.

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation is an allied health service of WISE Employment. Get in touch with Andrea Raphael on 0408257768 or email WISE Occupational Rehabilitation.

Use NDIS participants' funding responsibly for mental health and psychosocial Capacity Building

Power to the people by using NDIS funding to build skills and confidence. Developing new skills or building on existing ones is empowering – it’s like recharging a battery. Our Occupational Therapists provide a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of a participant’s daily life – including self care, domestic tasks, accessing the community, hobbies and work. We act as an extension of your team and provide detailed therapy programs that result in a participant’s personal growth and greater independence.

By using NDIS funding responsibly to develop life skills, your client will be charged with confidence and capability.


As part of your team we will:

  • Develop goal focused programs individualised for the participant.
  • Work closely with Support Workers, providing programs to enhance the participant’s daily living skills, their independence and their engagement in the community.
  • Conduct assessments for a thorough understanding of the client and their strengths.
  • Provide succinct and easy to read reports with the participant in mind that are value for money.
  • Suggest supports that are reasonable, necessary and relevant to the individual.
  • Utilise the participant’s NDIS funding responsibly.
  • Provide introductions to our Disability Employment Services for participants if relevant.
  • Keep travel costs to a minimum for participants.


Build your team by using ours

Our team consists of Occupational Therapists that are experienced in mental health and psychosocial conditions, the NDIS and working with adults. We are a registered NDIS provider specialising in the category of Capacity Building. We work seamlessly with your participant’s wider team to ensure a high quality of service delivery.

WISE Occupational Rehabilitation is an allied health service of WISE Employment. WISE Employment has over 25 years experience in helping members of the community with a disability, illness or injury.

Get in touch with Andrea Raphael on 0408257768 or email WISE Occupational Rehabilitation.


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