National Panel of Assessors

WISE Employment is contracted to deliver National Panel of Assessment (NPA) services in South Australia and Victoria, which are aimed at enhancing the sustained employment and ongoing workforce participation of people with disability through the following three services:

Workplace Modification Scheme (WMS)

WMS Assessors examine workplaces to determine the nature and extent of modifications required to support the employment of people with disability. Workplace modifications are paid for through the Employment Assistance Fund, making them free to employers.

Ongoing Support Assessments (OSA)

OSA Assessors independently assess the ongoing support needs of participants, which can be offered in three ways:

  1. Flexible Ongoing Support – available in both DES programs
  2. Moderate Ongoing Support – available in the Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) only
  3. High Ongoing Support – available in the Employment Support Service (DES-ESS) only

Supported Wage System

The Supported Wage System provides a process for reliable and independent work productivity assessments to enable people with disability to obtain or maintain employment in the open labour market.

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